<expletive> you erika!


nothing, only desperate,the fucking scopely and the bullshit character erika


Get gud? Lol, carry on.


Lmao Lori. You’re so silly. :joy:


The most disgusting toons in the whole game
the erika
with 0 atk 0 control

only undead
never die with his rush


Focus on ascending Tyreese x2, Mirabelle, Siddiq, and your other favorite blue damage dealer, or Joshua. I’m sure it’s annoying, but it does give you something to work toward countering, and will be very gratifying once you start smashing those teams.

Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:


i dont have enough promotion of medals
i have no money
i have no trainer
i like carl team


no sense,without tough toons


Fast trait could work as well. Which 6* do you have, if you don’t mind my asking?


carl shivaĂ—2 zeke of survival road yellow michonne
the melee teams cant have the chance to defeat eriks at all,because of the umlimited revive stun and another AP


I know you said you’re low on resources, but if you can get Joshua, you’ll be in pretty good shape on attack. His active skill will fix the stun, his rush will prevent revive, and 2 Shiva’s can control Erika and a few others while you charge AR.


no,i dont have yellow joshua and his rush cant forbid the another AP like carrie


Joshua (5*) is a possible outcome of ascending a fast (yellow) 4*.

Two Shiva’s should be able to keep Erika stunned for several turns, at the expense of charging their AR, and unless the team is very red heavy, your melee team should withstand a fair amount of blue damage.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


yes,i can defeat every team except erika,but i dont have enough money to pull the new tough toons,lol
i can stand evey fucking abnormal toons except erika,oh ye just give scopely more money and keep on survival!you would like it!


Get gud ? Anything that requires spending is not getting good you dumb troll


Indeed, but it seemed like a joke, not actual direction. Aldo it is nice that dudes with weird letters all have full teams of promo toons, kudos to that. It is probably where scopely gets most revenue…


Dwight = f2p
Tyresee = f2p
The double attack weapon = f2p

Attack her with a TY 40 atq 30 critical + double attack with dwight lead and you will see her dying on first round


Be still, young one. But twas a jest.


So you’re about as smart as a rock uh




Carl and two Shivas should be able to beat any Erika team. It’ll be slow but you’re doing something wrong tactic-wise if you lose.