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Pretty sure that insanity, asking the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, A great man called vaas taught me that (#Farcry 3)


My Video teacher said this to me – could be totally incorrect. haha


I’ll ask this because a lot of people want to know the answer. And I’m not trying to be jerk about it but I’d really like to know.

Why did you invalidate almost all 5* toons a few hours before the CRW? The buff to 6s reduces the number of viable 5 to a handful. This really affected long term players with big rosters and paying customers with premiums. I’d really like to know the thought process behind this decision.



vaas> your video teacher.
Pretty sure they never controlled a pirate army you had to liberate from an island :wink:
Im sure some great philosopher thought this up , but i can t be bothered to check


It was likely bad timing. I don’t think anyone at scopely said “hey, let’s throw everyone a curveball 2 hours before war”

I think it was a thing that was scheduled carelessly



It was actually supposed to go into effect a week or so before but had been pushed for more balance checks.

However, we definitely did not want to push war for everyone again.


My suggestion for something like that, a big change to game mechanics, would be to delay it until the day after war. It was a huge curveball for a lot of people and it coming without any adjustment time put lots of folks off


Are CRW prize structures adjusted to compensate for the number of regions participating in that war group?

I liked the prize structure for the very first CRW but felt that the structure was less rewarding for the recent one especially with 3 regions warring against each other.


Being honest is there any chance they will revert back to original stats, the beta users said they were to OP when you first released them, so you listened, but then went back on it after a month or so later, if the poll on the old forum told you anything over 90% of players do not want this as it literally makes the last 2 years of the game pointless


Hi akearns!

I honestly don’t know the answer to this. My default thought would be – anything could happen so I can’t promise that. But, if I were to guess, we probably won’t revert backwards.


In essence there were 3 1st place prizes, only separated by coins/trainers. It seemed a lot more even than Maggie, gov, Andrea, in terms of quality



1st place gear box contained more rare T4 (Canteen/GPS) gear, 2nd and beyond did not contain those two rare gears.

That means in a CRW with 3 regions, 1 faction would receive that top box. Now if you have 6 regions fighting each other, will it still only 1 faction out of 6 regions still be able to only obtain that box? Or will the prize structure be adjusted to say 2 top prizes to be the same?


I appreciate the honesty, i have just started a new poll , to see if opinions changed after war as it would be interesting to see. I personally am way against these buffs as it makes the money and time invested in the game the past 2 years completely worthless. If the results are similar would you take this to the devs to see if they will revert them back?


I understand how you feel and it won’t go unheard. I’ve been reporting all of the feedback and we’re still monitoring. Keep me posted!


I think it’s to find a balance to satisfy both f2p and p2p customers. Kal wasn’t attainable without spending for the most part. And now if he’s ascendable, it caters to those p2p players.


How do I go about blocking particular users (on this new forum)?


Is it just a glitch that guardian now blocks debuffs such as confuse and impair. It used to only block damage.


Good question. I’ve noticed this too.


I agree that the 6*s are too powerful.
I’d like to know the idea behind the powerboost.

Obviously Scopley are a business and wants to make money…
With the increase you are pretty much eliminating your F2P’s and many paying players. Which will further push away all players in the future and slowly kill the game. 5s are absolutely useless against 6s at tier 3.
There may have been theory’s like “people aren’t buying 6s anymore…let’s make a change to make them” this isn’t a great solution to a problem Scopley made.
There wasn’t enough preparation. Food, 5
s and Xp should have been considered. With more levels and more characters to level…more resources were needed.
Not everyone was going to throw away 8 of there characters unless they were dupes. With not much warning many sold these at the Supply Depot months before.
Even spenders were not prepared for the speed at which the 6* revolution traveled.
Players were also worried about the power creep and faster ARs. If Scopley came out and addressed the issue somewhat by stating minimum AP for 6s etc you would have had more players make a move.
With not many options and not enough 5
Benedicts to go around players were bound to put 5s in teams to fill;…but now this has become pointless.
Also did anyone think of new players and regions. Sure you have whales who will buy 6
s and trainers etc…
About those who spend but not in the thousands everyweek…they won’t be able to keep up in new regions never mind F2Ps…
They help your profits too.

Tier 4 still isn’t out to most…when it does…wow…

The plan doesn’t seem thought through, doesn’t seem to look to the future and seems a obvious pay or don’t play strategy that won’t pay off in the long term.

Many members have quit, many more are likely to, new members will be instantly put off.

What was the thinking behind the idea?
Did the decision makers think players would be pleased?
For a temporary profit gain…is it worth destroying your game and your user base you advertised for?
Is there a plan for the future of the game?
When will basic gameplay features be expanded upon to better the game experience…like Supply Depot, museum, town expansion, world map, team organisation etc…