Explain this please


Can anyone please explain how this happens… I have been missing out getting in the war party the last 4 wars. I am Bringingbushback in the ss…


how many threads are you guys planning to post?


How about you try being the first 1 in the war party and maybe you won’t have this problem. or second or third.


Nice one you’re quite the actor. Not really wanting to go to war yet you moan and squirm and blame scopley. Good one mate


Here is a better thing that needs explaining how after hours does a faction stay 0-0? And still have points plus ranked?

With these two also but no points


They have protected status, getting prizes with 0 effort.


I need me some of that! Could it really be though that it’s because I’m not dedicated enough only going on 3yrs of playing


I posted twice because this post I forgot the 2nd screen shot. Next time you feel like posting something completely inappropriate think first… must be American. * insert eye roll*


hello friend it is nice for you to share smart things of game. i do like it much not like angry bad players. thanks for you doing good!!!


oh boy


After a few hours it showed a win or lose, just weird it took so long.