Expiration of current SC museum collection detrimental to customers

There is currently alot going on at Scopely HQ with issues with Transfers which I hope the are addressing, Arenas, PC, etc.

However I do hope that the powers that be at Scopely will take a look at this and stop the expiration of the current Survivors Club, SC, museum collection.

The current collection which of time of posting has just over a day left until it expires. It allows not only SC members, but now due to the completion of the Rick figurines missions, all customers access to complete museum collections as it give customers comic books.

Currently customers can get Red Donny (45 comic books), Yellow shield Jesus (50 comic books), and 2nd gen Zach (160 comic books). For SC customers these toons will be more accessible due to the SC comic roadmap, for non SC customers a grind will have to be had, however worth it because it’s a first opportunity to get a shield, a great def leader and a 2nd Gen toon.

But Scopely have decided to curtail this museum collection for no reason… from what I remember it was due to expire in over * (please see asterix
Toward end of thread for correction) 300 days now just over 1 day is left? Why?

We are now being given 2 additonal collections where you can get green Gabriel and some ice cream cones, cakes and blue keys, and not a significant amount to make a dent for how much you will need.

The questions posed to Scopely and my hopes that they will continue the orginal collections are as follows:

  1. WHY? These collections where do good and could even encourage some customers to rejoin or Join SC even a f2p to get decent toons quicker.

  2. SERIOUS… BUT WHY? What is the harm in keeping them open? It doesn’t cost anything I don’t understand the thinking behind it.

  3. NOT MEETING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. Customers were expecting to be on their way to receiving and having the option to gain the 3 decent, different and even a gen 2 toon, they had over 300 days to do so. Now for no reason, Scopely has changed customers expectations and they are left with pulling for Gabriel of getting a small amount of tokens. What was the thinking behind this?

  4. CLOSING THE GAP/ INCREASE RETENTION. These toons could have been a game changer for some customers… now that is shut off by its premature expiration. Keeping this collection opened may increase retention, close the gap and increase competition/revenue for the company as you have more active customers wanting to be competitive with the toons to do it with.

  5. INVESTMENT IN FTP AND CASUAL SPENDERS. As a company, Scopely must know that any FTP customer may have the potentional to be converted to a causal or spending customer. Even if they spend on one produce that is a convert and statistically will increase their chances of spending again. Giving customers the potentional of getting toons as per collection increases retention, which in turn will increase the change of FTP or causal played spending. Every player is potential profit and it’s a win win that doesn’t cost anything, customers are happy because they have a way to get some good toons, Scopely is happy because it increases games numbers, competitiveness, raises the base standard of customers rosters which in turn gives customers a chance to close the gap, this is in turn could mean a more competitive game where customers as they are on are more level playing field may be more likely to spend cos they feel like instead of always getting beaten in war, they finally have a chance.

@JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin @GR.Scopely Please pass this on to the powers that be. I really hope this is changed cos a simple extension to what it was before isn’t going to hurt the game or Scopelys profits and could increase them.

*CORRECTION- Apparently it is set to expire and not been sped up. However in that case the above points still remain, but to be fair to ALL customers, I feel it may be best to make sure that these future collections are not 45 days but an achieveable amount of time that customers can get at least one toon if they are not SC customers.

In addition tho this, to follow the same toon standard, a shield, a gen 2 toon and a toon that has relevant leadership skills. Please also see Expiration of current SC museum collection detrimental to customers


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I agree…

The current museum collections for Donny, Jesus or Zach were only set at 42 days I believe. Not 300.


Another pointless thread…Next?


The timer they’ve been on hasn’t been changed at all since they popped up

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Well if that’s correct, it needs to be extended, because customers not part of SC have no way of getting them with the Rick figurines

I think giving the current climate, that it doesn’t cost anything that it would be a good gesture with alot of profit and customer satisfaction potentional

I agree that the gap between p2w and f2p is getting bigger but we had a lot of free stuff this summer

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Doing this wouldn’t be free tho, you still have to continue with SC, join SC or grind to obtain the toons and the free stuff is because of Scopely errors, and it’s comment for a gaming platform to provide compensation to customer when things don’t go right or hold events… there are some that every 30 mins you collect a free item and consistent back to back daily log ins

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if they made SC cheaper mor players will get it

Deffo, for what u get currently, it’s not worth it


This was definitely brought up on the forums when those collections first came out. I don’t think they intended for many or any to get Zach, he was put in as a way to get people to renew or come back. Several players did the math 6 weeks ago on the unlikelihood of actually ever getting enough comics for Zach in that time frame and it wasn’t good unless you already had over 100. He wasn’t meant for F2P to get.


The new “rewards” for comics are laughable. How they can put a monetary value of $100 worth of comics for 500 cones or keys is quite amazing.


where the heck is the daily roadmap

yes and tbf its not really detrimental to all players. in the 2 regions i play the most, i couldnt care less when these collections expire. in one regjon, i knew i couldnt get zach so i decided to just spend my comics upgrading andrea. so letting competitors get stronger from a greater chance to get zach by extending the timers will not be good for my account in that region. let the timers stay the way they have been since this event started, no need to suddenly change things at the end

Your right @Numba1stunna on some points, on the point that to now extend it would be unfair, so I’ve corrected my point accordingly in main point. Unfortunately I assumed it was longer, but I was wrong. Unlike Scopley I own up to my mistakes and rectify it asap.

But, I feel the new collection isn’t great and so they should provide players with a similar collection as before but extend the lenght of time it is available so customer can get at least One of the toons on offer, these toons should be 1 gen 2 toon, a shield and a toon with good leader skills whether atk or def. I think this would help the player Base alot as a long term investment goal. As personally from a subjective prospective, I was saving for Jesus lol, saving for jesus, who would as a F2p grinding player, would of helped my team. Now, I have no incententive bar chance to grind for the new collection as no of it interest me, and I would probably be drawing a pension btw I get any of these 7* sorry S class toons. Oh but there is Gabriel. Yeah, gabe is great :expressionless:

Bumped got visibility and response of ensuring quality toons are available and for longer in a next collection

You sir,
Unfortunately been had by a deceptive company driving its sales.

They don’t/won’t care.

The most thing that pisses me is not that they removed the collection with an timer, but yet they planned the countdown exactly at the day where people where able to get their 7 axe from axe roadmap, and in that way get the 30 comics and actually get a toon for the effort / money / time they spent over 7 weeks! But no - they closed those characters the same second people archived the 7 axe - what is happening ? Would it be that bad if customers where able to get Jesus - Donny or even Zachary for paying you 25 dollars :dollar: every month? @JB.Scopely sorry but I feel very cheated about this, it’s almost as bad as scam… :confused:

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