Expensive michonne map now up

Its up for 30 minutes…

But you only get 10min for 30 balloons. It’s stupid. Fk scopley


Oh! You’re right. Doesn’t make sense…

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I would need to use 19 cans to do this… For 150 s class items…

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Looks like they want 90 ballons to keep it open for 30 minutes?

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Yeah, it’s rediculus. Completely pointless doing it.


I dont even think its technically possible. 10 minutes to do 22 stages, one of which is S15? Nope

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Not worth it I am sticking with the others

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it’s false advertising


Yeah, it’s bs. They know most ppl will assume the balloons will open it for the duration and not just 10 min. Deceptive bs from scopley.


They closed it. A new one in 2hrs 30min

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