Expand the town soon?

yeah. So my town has had all buildings at level 20 for some time now. I dont wanna complain too much but maybe after you revamp the roadmaps you let us expand the town? A third armory may come in handy or even a fifth scav camp? whatever its all gravy for me.

I put this in general because, I know we wont get new story maps. Because, scope has decided that roadmaps are how you tell stories. (Whatever, insert “shut up take my money meme” here)

Other things that need to be increased or added:

Prestige 14…?
number of teams
no rush on AUTO play.

This isn’t a wish list. these are things that can be added to help game play and retention.

Please only add little things that can help.



Auto play rushing can be a pain most times.

i dont want rushes on my walker teams


Good luck on that town expansion I’ve been level 20 on all buildings for easily over a year better chance of seeing the golden radio