Existential Dread - Let's get those thoughts brewing

What’s more scary? The thought of eternal life or the thought of not existing?
For me it is eternal life. Since you will eventually do everything possible and discover everything possible.
And it just goes on and on. And doesn’t stop.

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Living for eternity does however mean that players will eventually be able to build an S Class team :stuck_out_tongue:


What scares me more about eternity is that Scopely will keep going forever and ever

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Lol highly doubt they’ll last that long. The more they expand the more their name is put out there; the more their name is put out there, the more that people know how scummy they treat their customers; the more that people know how scummy they treat their customers, the smaller the customer pool will be.
They have limited the life cycle of the company by their own actions.


SS+ Class will come out to render them obsolete


like you with making topics here making a mess of this place


Tough one, Ghosts exist I have one in my house, I promise I am not shitting you, I don’t believe in God religion etc but my Ghost spirit whatever you want to call it is a nice one, I walk downstairs in the dark it turns the light on, it rubs my shoulders every day, If i can’t find something it puts it in my empty draw, there’s someone beyond I just don’t know what and don’t want to find out for a long time🤗

Think since we have no frame of reference for having an eternal life, or life (or etenal darkness) after death; discredits the assumption made by our mortal minds. The boredom, personality crisis, losses etc would rather get swallowed by immense maturity honed through experiences and time.

Still Is it fair to assume, it’ll somewhat be like the movie “Groundhog Day” where you realise the singularity aspect of your being with nature. Maybe acknowledge the simplicity of it.

Eventually, enlightenment, which is, being time itself. Where age loses its numerical value. You remain just the absolute transcendent being. Happy and content, S classes or not lol

PS: I’m not high looool

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You are afraid to die because you fear the death of self. You feel, as most of us do, that self is who we are and we know, deep down, that this self dies with the brain. We imagine still existing but in a form which does not allow us to experience human feelings and appetites. We have this dark idea that we lay in the grave, in the dark, alone for eternity. Now, of course this is nonsense but we feel it anyway. We were “not self” for 14.8 billion years from the time of the big bang until our birth in this form and we were not put out in the slightest.

It is a meaningless fear. This idea of self which seems so much who we are does not stand up to scrutiny. All over the planet from the earliest times people who look like us are doing the same things as we are doing, experiencing the same experiences and dreaming the same dreams. Nothing is new or novel. Still to us these experiences are novel because they are ours.

Would that knowing this intellectually could give us some measure of release from the fear of death but it does not. We can delude ourselves with hopes of afterlifes and heavens. We can talk of reincarnation but if we don’t remember our past lives how can we be said to go on? How is this any different than permanent death?

Your self is designed to be a disposable vessel like a styrofoam coffee cup. Think about it. Imagine real immortality. I mean forever immortality. For this thought experiment lets also say that you cannot be killed or even harmed by external forces. A hundred years goes by. Everyone you knew is dead. You start new families and new lives.

A thousand years go by. Your civilization is destroyed and replaced by another. Ten thousand years. Ice ages come and go. The Earth is struck by disasters time and again

A hundred thousand years go by. Day by day. Day in and day out. Now the species has changed and men are no longer men but a new creature. A million years. The entire Earth is different. Ten million, twenty million, a hundred million. The Earth is unrecognizable. No trace of mankind exists except in the fossil record.

A billion years. Hour by hour, day by day, year by year for a thousand million years. Seven billion years and the sun burns out. You are suspended in space. You can now move at the speed of light anywhere you wish. You travel for four years and see the Alpha Centauri system. It is dead. Nothing but minerals and gases.

You set your eyes on other systems and travel for millions of years. Alone in the black void of space only to reach system after system which are just as barren as any other rock in space. If you do find life it is so different from you that it is no different than trying to communicate with algae or lichen.

Finally, you are offered death. You will treat it as the greatest blessing.


The Most Holy Trinosophia attributed to the immortal Comte de St. Germain. The original manuscript is ”La Très Sainte Trinosophie“ is in the French Library at Troyes. It is handwritten in a peculiar form of French and with detailed drawings and symbols. The book is clearly allegorical and touches on alchemy, astronomy, kabbalah and masonic subjects. Read it in English translation here: https://sacred-texts.com/eso/mht/index.htm


Not sure many people in this world are ready to read into that and learn

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So to go on with OP and lets get those thoughts brewing, what if youre already dead? What if this is the afterlife? What if this is hell? What if this is forever? What if you just do this over and over and over… Deja vu anyone? What if this is just like a movie on repeat, you play (when born) and stop (when dead) and the movie restarts, maybe in a different body, maybe in a different time, maybe a different planet, etc. Another thing to think about, try and think about non existence… You thinking of a void black empty space maybe? That is something. It is impossible to imagine non existence, let that sink in for a bit. Now this can change if we are talking about self/body/you now, that will come to an end but nothing ends, the end is the beginning of something else, a transition.

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It takes a lot of time to get into these topics such as the Kabbala, but it’s still worth it I think especially for everyone who’s interested not only in philosophical questions.

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I have read it, also have an audiobook of it. I just dont think most people in this age/time/era are ready for that yet but yes i think everyone should read it/study it

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You win

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Both aren’t Scary both would be great not existing would be cool for darker reasons and eternal life that would be sick.
You could eventually do everything you wanted and at the end it wouldn’t matter if you had fun doing it.
Or you could be captured for hundreds of years muwhahaha.

This is scary hqdefault your not sleeping again

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