Exhaust and trauma....how to?

How can i utilize these effectively any ideas would be very appreciated

by facing teams with recover all ar

Did you say how to? I am here :smile:


Exhaust - when a character gains ap in an unnatural way (other than a huge bonus to ap on attack or when defending) - Doctor Stevens active skill gives him 100% ap, aarav rushing gives himself 100% ap, Michelle active skill gives two 35% ap. So for every 10% ap gained - a flat amount of maim damage is applied to the toon.

So for angel and Doctor Stevens. Doctor Stevens with 500 exhaust would get 5000 maim damage right away. Michelle giving 35% ap to two, would give 1500 maim damage to those 2 toons.

Methods to utilize:
For defence angel is great with her exhaust since it’s a turn 1 active skill. As a leader she can daze them opponent and sometimes prevent early ap gains. Ap gains are how people win matches - the team that rushes more usually wins. By preventing that rushing and forcing people to use basic attacks - bleed, burn etc it slows down matches. On attack it’s less effective since some defensive toons have as much as 10,000 hp. So 5000 hp lost isn’t as significant in context. Plus that means the opponent can rush

Kill Angel first ??

Can you make one of your videos to show how you still can use these toons against Angel ?

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Then you have to deal with their doc going off turn one for their side

Yep, i will work on this tonight. Had a busy weekend (personal stuff) so a little behind but will set something up (:


You are the best … love your work on Youtube
Keep the good work up @Link

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One toon I’ve zoned in on that could really take advantage of Trauma in the team is Wangfa. He can whack heal reduction, bleed and cross hairs on multiple toons. That would be some serious trauma damage especially if stacked with other toons debuffs too. Raulito and Hengyen also give 3 debuffs but to less toons.
The only other Sclass toon that gives as many debuffs to more toons than Wangfa would be Laopo but she would be useless for this role as her AR would prevent any of the heals going off that would activate Trauma.

Fun fact, you can trick the AI into using actives like bleed/burn cleanse if you use mods with them.

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Smart move!

What? So if I will use bleed resist on aarav but other teammates not, he wont use active to heal them?
Or you mean resist mods on all teammates ? If they will work of course…

No, I’m saying if you have a bleed on attack mod, the AI can be tricked into using its active even though the bleed damage is low and only lasts 1 turn.

Those bleed mods suddenly got a lot more powerful

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