Exclusive food offer?


What part of 5 mystery bags containing nothing but bloody shirts and vials is an exclusive food offer?

Been seeing this type of useless bag alot and was wondering if it was intentional.



its a shame theres only one in stock, thats one hell of a deal


During war these were being sold as war refill bags…smh this is no longer funny, time to fix this




U sell the shirts and battle items for “huge amounts of food” obviously :wink:


And i hate how they are always giving us 1 grindstone or 1 smelling salts! Who tf needs those?


All the war crates were the same garbage too… and lvl up rewards too now…


In other regions this offer is proper… hey plz fix.

What the offer should look like… ^^^^… so far theres been like 3 or more prize structures with this lame useless bag… including character pulls too i believe…


Ok lvl up rewards for edge field… yay more freakin mystery bags… which btw are no mystery.



The mystery is who keeps on buying this crap so it leads to them offering more crap like this ad nauseam.

We get you need to make money. So offer up stuff people want at reasonable prices and people will buy them. Stop including Burts and easily craftable garbage like bloody shirts and smelling salts. Three good items trump ten crappy ones. Quality over quantity.


Bump … plz respond


Bump…please fix before war. Will be another depressing war if this is what we get instead of war crates. Alot of players missed out on elite char tokens, weapon tokens, as points and Burt’s or Aden’s. In a new region these are vital and it’s a joke that this hasn’t even been looked into yet


Soo… get this… my wife got a mystery bag on the gear map and just found out that the bonus bags in the gear map thats up is also this lame bag of bloody shirts and vials…



Plz… fix this.


Thanks for making me laugh.