Exciting new 4* weapons?

Why wouldnyou waste time on that crud? Maybe just to rub salt in the mr jones wound.


Because players are desperate for armory tokens and armory tokens are better than those weapons. The current state of this game is beyond ridiculous with all these paywalls.


I need armory tokens so bad they’ve even got me considering pulling on this weapon wheel(not spending; league coins)

You will get that crappy mr jones rifle and some 4* parts.

Yep. That’s why I won’t. That and the fact they are purposely being deceitful with the tokens. It shows 100000 tokens, clearly at 50% chance, they will likely be 5 -100 tokens, not 100000.

I pulled on the last wheel. Got 50k in tokens total… led to five failed rampage tries. How wonderful.


I’d like 50k tokens, I have some 5*ing to do. But they really need to give us ways to get tokens. This is pitiful.

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Spent 1800 league coins I saved, got 15k tokens. Defo not buying coins whatsoever with real money.
everything seems over valued and it’s like your getting little to nothing for things you spend money on in this game at the moment.

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The wheel is now gone, I had been pulling from it at the time. Compensation for coins spent on a broken wheel?

Weapon wheel gate?

Why not 1 token? You can pull 1 slice of cake.

Everything in this game is broken. Wild.


Why not

Lol how embarassing for scopes

Amazing how fast they can take down some broken content but won’t take down the “mistaken” blitz war.


Was it raining mr jones?

Have the tokens just having trouble securing the crit success parts. Would love rampage weapon so bad right now

Why is the thread about the wheel being taken down closed?
Will it come back up? What happens to the broken weapons ppl may have pulled?

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They got what they paid for. Those weapons are terrible anyway now that they are 5.

It is awesome glad I went for them over crappy focus stun red weapons like a lot.