Excited to see how stupid Erika teams are this war


I anticipate a very frustrating war seeing Erika everywhere. Good luck to those who were (like me) not fortunate enough to get her.


Lol I’m a bit discouraged to War now. Already was, but I’m not ready to face those leads yet. Hahaha


What’s the best way to combat her?


Blue Tyress, Yumiko, Abe, Dwight. :slight_smile:


I’ve faced a few in raids and I typically go with my green stuns, confuse, impairs. Anything to get her not to rush. Usually goes right down to the wire to not time out.


My windowless Erika


Casul team


I would go at her first and keep stunning her with a stun weapon or characters who can stun. She needs to go down first or rlse she’ll give everyone bonus HP and then you’re fighting to get back into the match


I would wait to ar her down first or use a confuse on her round 2.


I’m a troll, I have shields with mine, so she can’t be reached :slight_smile:


Impair, confuse, and decap are what I’d rely on.


As long as you are decapitating with Tyrese it’s not hard at all.