Exchange Beacon of Light for Gear/Collection Items

Dear Scopely, Can we exchange our Beacons Of Light ? The roadmaps will require too much energy. I only have 2 energy cans. Please give us options


Dish out that weekly :dollar:.
This is the deliberate design.

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Doubt it, you’ll get purple token or depot tokens

Maybe they will just randomly convert tokens for some players without any explanation. Seemed to be how it worked with the free beacons today.


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@JB.Scopely Why did some ppl get free beacons And others had to spend/ grind ? @GR.Scopely answers plz


I got free ones on 2 of 3 accounts. The one I needed 1 more I didn’t get. Bizarre.

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Those who got Zhu would be raging if they did. I think 8 or 9 knife sheaths are more valuable and actually usable. Hell… 1 knife sheath

Agree. What’s the bucket requirement for free beacons?