Exchange any S class 2 to 1

i will do it like that cause Scopely team do what he want and not what we asking for

Please don’t do any exchange events for s class collection i mean i have 300 collection for Laopo and i don’t want to exchange it for Priya

P.S many players don’t need some of s class collections who they have Laopo is sh*t


This is fake news, Lao Po is an amazing toon and lead, her 85 ap rush is her only negative but her rush is op and can shut a team down completely, when they have that green ap gain tower for war i take her on some attack teams and i stop the enemy team from rushing or using actives.

@CLIFTON87 OP doesnt know what they are missing


Laopo is only reason I can sometimes handle these Mercer teams


Rarely lose a defence with this team once I get raulito maxed and S-Class I am set

Ignoring the arguments about the qualities of Laopo, OP makes a good suggestion - the ability to trade in items at a 2 to 1 rate for other items was done back from some short Blue Key collections a couple of wars back. More of the same please


Your saying you will barely lose on defense with that team?


Yeah maybe lose about 3 defences out of about 8 attacks

Laopo is a total beast.

There should be a continuous 2 for 1 offer and it should be unlimited. Or since we are talking about Scopely, a limited 2 for 1 offer popping up now and again and a continuous unlimited 3 for 1 offer on any collectables for any collectables that have been out for a month.

3 out of 8 is nearly 50%. That’s not that successful. That defense plays perfectly into my attack team

Laopo is sht . Ha d you smoke any sht lately.
She’s probably the hottest s class available from tournaments man

I must be crazy building my defdefense all over laopo huh

That team dies in two turn, sometimes 1 at the top of the game.


It’s an attack team @Rickygrimes . Obviously the team is slow but somehow guaranteed win

I was talking to the guy who posted the Raulito defense. Yes, your team has good synergy. Slow but solid for sure.

Lol , I was talking about the same guy @Rickygrimes (the one with Raulito) what a coincidence.
Mouhahahaha get u

Ps : that my defense team

oof wasted rings on non s class raulito.

scarr is a beast.

Yes but not everyone has the same attack team my defence team might dominate someone else’s

Exactly where you play it could be fine so enjoy it. But you realize top of the food chain it is not.