Excess Michonne Balloons? will they be used for anything else

I’ve spent over my 200 redeems on the balloon collection, i feel many MANY more will do so very soon … i purchased an offer that took me over the threshold of 200, what would happen with the (x) amount now.

plus at the expense these are being pushed out i think it would be highly inappropriate to make them 1:1 on depot points dont you think

they go to loon heaven


Michonne X map?

The museum clearly stated that you can redeem balloons 200 times.

Also museum collectibles don’t get converted to supply points, they stay hidden in your inventory forever (or until the collectible is reused for a different event). Only Recruits&Rewards tokens get converted.

They’ll end up the same as Plushies etc… gone and forgotten about


But you can open michonne x maps with it
just for fun open 10 min after 10 min

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id rather save my 9 world cans, rewards are a joke

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1:1 would actually give you something, I think they will go to join your Chihuas with sombreros


better question… why do we get 11 kites?

They go to the plushie graveyard.

Apparently you’d need 18 refills minimum anyway, so that sounds like a GREAT idea.

You can pretend to float away on them

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