Excess Material

Something needs to be done about all the excess material we get, especially during SR events. It’s annoying having that pop up box show up every time we finish a stage. Either nerf the amount of wood given to us after every stage or give us more ways to spend it.




2,000 Grenades. Says it all really

Yep, that’s the solution.

It’s a crappy solution though. I end up running out of things I need to craft weapon parts like crude bronze, metalworking sets, and chemical sets after crafting so much of the junk to get rid of wood.

Like so much else in scopelyverse, its not a solution but a workaround.
I actually try spending those in roadmaps but I never seem to run out.


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Grenades and Elegant Incense, that’s all you need to craft to get rid of materials
If you have excess food, legendary training on deluxe replenish.

I do agree - while I also use mine to make grenades and incense, I don’t actually use them so it is a bit pointless. Would be nice to have a way to spend it that is actually of some benefit.

They should let us just spend materials to craft grenades but let us sell grenades for food.

So many complaints would be solved so easily!

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I’ve posted this elsewhere, but if the “ok” button on that pop up let you keep doing what you weren’t doing (instead of taking you to town) it would be SO much less of a problem.