Excess gold bars

For those that have christa maxed will excess gold bars be used for anything or will they disappear into the aether?


People with SC membership got the gold bars quicker. At no point did Scopely say they would then be used for something else. Why would they be?


And why are you tagging that useless ■■■■. Never seen him post here in weeks


Gold bar will be converted into gold coin. Isnt it obvious?

Keep them with the plush chihuahuas.

they will replace with coins

He’d rather chat to his buddies in his exclusive Line chat than deal with the general population.

Or collect the gold radios?
At least they dont vanish into thin air

Disappointed, I read gold bras, as I kept reading understood it wasn’t as exciting as I expected

Yes 100k coins per bar!

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They can be melted down and turned into p_ssy magnets, just in case your choice of sexual partner isn’t already weak at the knees when you tell them “I pay a monthly subscription to a worthless, lying, cheating, mobile gaming company”.

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You get what you pay for.

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