Excess cards + diamond tokens

As a self confessed whale I have pairs of lots of characters. Aarav, Priya, Pete and more recently Rick, Trader, Noor to name a few. With cards now being regular rewards and most of the museum collections completed I can’t even see how many additional cards I have let alone have a use for them.

I can’t be the only one who would like to see a card conversation of some sort. Or at the very least open the museum to claim more than 2 of a character though I doubt anyone wants to see 5 rampage Priyas on a team like the old 5* Andrea days. So card conversation seems to be the way to go.

Even if you can only convert at a rate of 100 to 1 it would be better than its current state.

Also am I the only one that would like to see cards available to purchase with diamond tokens? At the moment you could pull 300 times, get 2 epic or legendary premiers and still be short 4/5000 cards. Also if you pulled and got the S class and had excess cards they could be saved up to get a future premier. I doubt this would impact their revenue. Happy customers spend… I personally spent £500 on recent beta promo, have 2 legendary and 5000 cards. Support refused to help with 1029 cards so I have removed my payment card. Being able to purchase cards with tokens instead of just tokens with cards would alleviate issues like this.

Sorry it’s so long winded. Don’t know if there are even any Scopely reps on here these days. If there are and you agree please tag them for me.

Thanks for reading.


By the way The amount you spend on beta can feed up 2 faimlies in my country for whole month lol :slight_smile:


This needs to happen. 100%


Didn’t know that it is this cheap to live in the UK. :rofl:

Not uk lmao, in 3rd world contry

Agree that diamonds should be tradable for cards. It doesn’t make sense otherwise as you always get to pull the promos till you get 6k cards, which normally nets you at least two toons… so you accumulate diamonds for what? Trainers and gears only?

I am a mild spender - in my 2.4 yrs have spent less in total than OP did on Beta, but welcomed the diamonds as a F2P (and mild spender) way to get some of the promos over time by utilizing league coins for an occasional 10x pull. But if all you can get is a 5* (the 40% extra cost of 6* is not viable for F2P), then it’s not so much of use unless it would be for a Jacki type toon (highly utilizable as non-sclass already)

Oh man is PB still around? I assume you aren’t still in Escambia.

I agreed with most of your concerns ,it doesn’t matter if you are a spender or not but game needs to have more ways to recycle resources, letting us accumulate resources for no use only devalue the items and I wouldn’t approve a ratio of 100/1 ,if we still are getting older cards from all kinds of recently rewards …dont forget it takes 10k cards total for a Sclass and Sclass generation it’s not that old and still have plenty to grow…I really want my Peter, Prya, etc cards to be exchange for a much better ratio if not 100/100 for a similar time frame Sclass characters or 100/75 for a newer sclass collection and even 100/40 for new releases Sclass collection but don’t suggest such a ridiculous rate of less than the above.

The time you spend playing this game can do exactly the same if you know how to use it.

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