Excellent tactic

Very clever Scopes, was this called in case of mutiny plan C or plan D?
So a large group of the player base forms an United front #playersunited and your response is to sabotage war so, allowing some factions to war and some not creating chaos and discord when the in fighting about how the situation should be dealt with starts.

That’s down right diabolical and ruthless. If I wasn’t directly affected I might be impressed.


My faction doesn’t do anything against the game. That cant be it but ours was messed up. So I dont think itbwas intentional!

Collateral damage

aint gotta lie, it was a nice counter and troll move by them :man_shrugging:t4:

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It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they had a whole book of action plans they can implement to derail any type of #playersunited movement


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