Everything wrong with crw


No towers, shit prizes for both milestones and regular rewards, 2 shitty short wars. How can scopely fck up more? C’mon guys its the first crw, everyone was excited and yet u just throw poo on your players. If this is the new way the game will go you might lock it now


Dekalb which is 8 months old or so,got matched with the japs,besides the fact that they coin non stop,see them teams with 2 erikas and 3 shields is practically suffering,cool match ups what can i say.plus without towers i can barely scratch them


Our region has been matched up with Columbia [JPN] since CRWs got introduced. CRWs are basically free weekends.


Getting this message when trying to get towers. Thing is no one gets them. Another broken war.


There’s an in game message about it.


Yeah just read it. I didn’t realize one was there until someone in my faction told me. Game didn’t show I had a message. Oh well


War sucks big time without towers. It’s like raiding just worse if you can’t kill the gen. They get a twenty percent defense boost. Awful.


No towers is the best thing scopley has ever done. Just team vs team.


Easy for u to say when you’re matched against easy or even factions,try fighting those above your paygrade like the japs without towers


Probably the worst thing because anyone without a hard hitting team will lose. And it’s not just like raids, if it was, they wouldn’t be getting plus 20% defens


100% F2P and I have a decent team. Either you have the toons or you don’t.

The top teams will still win.

This leveled the playing field for the middle factions. The leader board is very different than yesterday. The factions that NEED the towers are not doing so well.


But don’t you also get a 20% def boost from the general when you attack other camps?


This is so true we got our ass kicked by a Russian faction yesterday cause they always got the towers somehow but today we owned them lol.


No you don’t. Only when defending


Thanks for the horrible and not well thought out response. Last time I checked my faction is doing better without towers. I have a good team but Erikas and magnas are tough to beat. IMO this does NOT help out much middle factions.


Lol. Horrible response.


Thank you


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