Everything is ok, we have the new (unstable) 6* territories

Really scopes?
U just opened them without any advice?


perhaps to divert some attention away from bucketgate, with the old “ohh look something shiny!”, some people are already falling for this tactic in my region :laughing:


I’m all for this.

But where’s collectables in milestones? The top fac will hog both these spots. Start distributing collectables fairly!


lol one bucket down!

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I really am happy about these territories. Wish they ran them more often.
And ofc doesn’t fix everything, but still, pleased.


And I wish they’d open all. 4’s better than the 3 last time, but the more open the more factions will get a chance at holding one


Its bugged as hell, already been kicked out during half of my attacks :joy:
They cant salvage territories, it needs some proper re-work from scratch.

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Yeah you have to be patient and let the game load before attacking. Its annoying, but a small nuisance.

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Territory wars!!! Woo hoo my fav! We taking all 4 ahaha! Now what bucket? Scopely did something illegal? Lying about odds? Accounts really are marked and “lucky”? Ohhhhh wow! Wait… Theirs shiny 6* territorys… What did scopely do?


Really? Who cares.

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i am already seeing people blow their coins to buy energy bags from shops over this in my region.

its a big everyday nuisance if you are in hostile region where shared terris is not the norm :laughing:

Lol these people will always be suckered in, they are sheep. If one thing, scopely has taught me i should make a mobile app, i will make millions and be able to lie to people lol ez money


Quite happy with 6* territories myself it doesn’t do much in terms of game balance but it’ll be a nice boost towards the S-Class toons. Nice big stockpile of gear to be earned from this too.

Thanks Scopely, now you need to properly sort your other damn messes out


yeah this kind of event just for top 3 faction


Close the gap… No so much.
It’s whale pandering


Frak tty’s aint going for it, aint wasting $$$ on your POS game, :fu: and your shiny distraction :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just a scopely tactic to appease those in the top bucket,and stop them claiming back any refunds, and obvioulsy so they can turn a blind eye to what scopely has been up to , and scopely can carry on with its grubby fradulent underhanded tactics


They p1ssed off the spenders with Bucketgate, so they reward them with a few p1ssy keys or some cake for the effort of camping a load of teams in territories.
Surely it’s more of an insult?
When was it announced? Can announce for the first time server work a couple of days in advance but not this.
How long does it run for, are the timers going to keep resetting & it runs & runs.
Are there more to be opened than the few so far. Questions as always are endless, answers as always are MIA.

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Ahh so as suspected you are an easily placified whale who obviously can dominate the territory event. For most its just a big kick in the nuts.

Remember when they first came out and they gave you a lilith every hour rather then just one at the end? Oh and there were like 6 terros running at once so the whales couldn’t just hog them all. Yeah that was fun. Now its shit. Fuck scopely and their broken terros