Everything drought, We need more gears and trainers

with the sclass, we are more than ever in drought over everything in game.
Ascendance/legendary tokens

If I missed anything, please reply here.

When scopely addresses an issue, they always take away other part of the items we need…




It really feels like this is by design. If you don’t have the gear to upgrade you have to use your coins. Not a fan of this method at all.


In serious need of more gear. No more pulling for toons I cant level up. Already paid an arm and a leg for the toons I have, your not getting the other 2 for gear.


100% agree.
Lowest amount of gear and trainers I’ve ever had, makes the game not enjoyable to not be able to progress without paying quite a bit.


they need to keep the gears in level ups… do more events with supreme crates rewards, etc

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I know this issue has been brought up many times before… All the players are very low in ALL materials…

If @GR.Scopely or the devs actually played the game, you will know why this is so frustrating to the players.

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You would think they would want to make more gear available. More gear means more people would spend on toons. They already jacked up the price on trainers and such. Be nice to get that gear map they promised when they introduced 6 stars.

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We are playing in a 4*/5* economy still… so many years behind.

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i concur…
you can go through massive amount of gears, trainers and food, maxing out 1 s class…

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They make new road maps every week, they are fully capable of making a regular 6*gear map.
The simple fact is they choose not to.
Which is very disappointing.

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Sure they could, and if they had chosen to do so, they would have made Sclass characters require 10x the gear of a 6* instead of 5*; if the map was very generous, it might have even been 20x.

They want leveling and upgrading these characters to be difficult and take a long time, and plan everything else around that.

There is a difference between being able to level slowly and NOT at all.

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Keep your eyes open soon to the store will be offers for 250 gold ascendance, 225k silver, 3 of the 3★ gear, 5 of the 4★ gear, and bag with 1% chance of getting a walkie or school bag and 98% chance at burt.
All for the low bargain price of $100. ☜ (↼_↼)

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No one is completely prevented from leveling things. League store provides all the relevant gear, and everyone gets trainers free every day, plus event rewards and milestones. It just takes a long time, but so does getting a new Sclass toon.

But that’s not really the point. My point is that Scopely know exactly how many resources they hand out, and everything is balanced against that. If they didn’t want there to be a shortage, they could have made upgrading cost less gear. The economy is not behind, from their perspective, it’s exactly how they want it.

Gear focused event after Last Words event. Just need to be patient. There will be plenty of time to complain after we’re all disappointed by that in a week

Pay to play… biatch

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