Everyone's Favorite Color?

Yellow is mine. 7 characters


I’m not saying it because of that - I’m not. I’m not!

I’m not.

It’s mysterious, and refined. It gives nothing away. But it has presence. A touch of class.

I didn’t say it because of that!


Pink all the way💯

i like black, blue.

Plus it’s slimming with clothing… apparently.
Black socks though - mysteriously dissapear in the wash, no other colour, just black socks. It’s like the bemuda triangle when it comes to black socks.


Nah the black is slimming thing is a bit of a myth, to sell little black dress, if you are small, then black contours you features, to give the appearance of being slim. Think Audrey Hepburn, Anne Hathaway.

But if you are large, black actually makes you appear bigger, (Kim Jong Un), in nature black is a very rare colour, (just think about the neighborhood black cat - how easy is he to spot?). An animal that is black is very easy to spot from a long distance in the open, because it stands out, a little bit of black is good - a whole lot black … not so much if you are trying for a slim look. Try patterns or Jewel tones.


Is it because Black makes you look slimmer apparently :point_up_2:oh I see we’ve all picked up on that one lol


Black is a shade not a colour. At least thats what I remember people saying as a kid. Orange is mine.


I’m sure @Parker orranged this thread just so he could voice his love for slim fits!

Green for the win! :innocent:

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Purple :purple_heart:

But green is a close second.


Blue all day long, so many amazing shades :blue_heart:

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Khaki green is my favourite colour to wear. Other than that my favourite colour in general is probably black red is a close second.

Oh that’s quite an interesting way to look at it. Definitely going to be thinking on that one in future.

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black Red and white.

Ima person of color

@CLIFTON87 @Lostboy1 @JessicaRabbit @Vitalogy Thank you, I pick my favourite colour (ignoring @Gravedigger’s technicalities, black is the Pluto of colours), renowned for it’s mystique,

and you all assume I must just be piling on the pounds. Thanks guys :sweat_smile:


When my daughter was young, she went through a phase where she asked me repeatedly what my favorite color was. She wouldn’t accept my answer of “I don’t have a favorite color”, and insisted I had to pick one.

After she entirely missed my point that you can love one color most one day and a different color most the next day, and every color is beautiful when seen in the right light, I finally got frustrated enough that every time she she asked, I would answer “red”. Not because red is my favorite color, but because I was tired of trying to explain to her I don’t have a favorite.

Now my whole family thinks my favorite color is red.


Mine is black. 90% of my attire is black or very dark shades of different colours (usually blue / anthracite etc). Sexond favorite would be blue, then green - but the darker, the better :wink:


Yes I remember this in art class of them teaching us black isn’t a color.

But I do think most people these days consider it a color and it’s Jackie Chan’s favorite.

Black is not a color in terms of light - it is an absence of light. But black as paint or dye on clothes definitely is a color…


My favourite colours to wear are actually different to my favourite colour. I own no purple clothing.

If we were judging based on clothes people would think my favourite colour was blue.