Everyone ready for faction level up?



Also red Madison is being released as premier recruit still not og ascendable yet


•Note it is kind of nice granted it’s a level up that the pieces are being avail again for those who don’t have them.


Sup pal


Oh snap didn’t see your post. What’s up?!


Do you think these milestones is a catch up Scops were talking talking about?


750 plastic pieces? That should be enough for nobody.


What was that quote? They will be available but very difficult I’m paraphrasing what I remeber she had said lol


That’s right, it will be hard LU after multiple solos


I know what ya mean :sob::sob:


Im at 22,750 praying there will be one more roadmap. At this point I don’t even care about it bein 0 energy either




At least those whining about the shirts can shut up now.


Also I just want to point out how useless territories are now when u throw in a team and they get blown to pieces in seconds not easy keeping a map At least in my hostile region.


The milestones are garbage for anyone that does not still need the Dwight parts. I’m all for having multiple ways for people to get what they missed, but this feels like punishment in a way to those that grind early to get parts now the milestones for other stuff has been replaced.

Not blaming those that missed out on parts, I’m saying scopely used this as an opportunity to offer everyone else even less. Terrible rank rewards and milestones that’s not really milestones at all since they are event parts. The real milestone STARTS at 2 mil SMH.


Boils down to the lack of Info. I wouldn’t of crushed the first events if I knew I’d make up for it in a faction event but hey gotta hand it to vk they love the game more than the devs and give us the info before it launches.


i’m all out of toons to level up now :confused:


Right! & not to dump on my fac but I’d rather throw down some points when rewards are decent of course I’ll help but I’m needing to auto farm a lot of stuff I sold fire sale lol.


I already have everything I need from the milestones and the prizes suck, so I’ll tell my faction I won’t be actively participating in this level up.


Damn I don’t need any of those milestone parts, I will do a bit as its a faction event and I feel like I should. but they could have given something that those us of that have already finished those collections ages ago and put some Lucile tokens in there or something.

I feel those tokens have been completely forgotten about, I am 5 short of a pull and have been that way for what feels like a long time. I hope that at least we will be able to trade in the extra parts we are getting for all of these collections for something usable.


yes, probably last chance for people