Everyone got 7 comics?


Was this rm predetermined or I’m just a conspiracy loving nerd?


I got 7 as well.


I only got 6.


I got 8 comics


I got a rock and six comics


I personally got 7 whilst others in my faction have had 6, 8 or in one case 9


Well shiet, guess I’m a drama queen


I Got 9 c a lot get 7


Don’t know how many I got and don’t care. Cancelled my subscription cos the whole thing is a Fk up.


got 8, hopefully they don`t try to do a rollover, it will break the game considering how good they are at messing up


8 here. 2, 2, and lastly a 4


I’m guessing nobody has any idea how many we need?


Does cancelling now cancel the trial immediately or does it still last the 7 days?


It stays for the 7 days, just won’t pay when the trial ends


Got nine 2/3/4


You still get 7 days if u cancel it


Thanks - time to cancel as soon as they tell us what they are doing about a rollback then I guess


I got 9 for the whole map .


Same here


I got 9 comics