Everyone choose James #jamesgang #james United #stopsighnman

Here’s my plan
We all choose James
We all change to
Halt scopley
Equip James as avatar and def team
How many ppl can do we get to do this

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Exactly 0.


Start it guys, gals, and enpals!

Bennifits James gang include e z raids ez war
No farthing around with d
E z walkers
For all
And a stop sign which tells scopley what we want


Edit your post to add #JamesGang

Here I thought you’d go with James United…

Nah, PU is a pretty meh movement to me.

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I’ll add that one too

James is a better choice after all, special weapon, popular trait everybody have a melee lead even now with Camila #JamesGang

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James gang i already have james weapon

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Team Christa.
Not judging the ones who’d love to gang/bang/root for John. If you are into these kind of things. Lol

I’m against this entire movement of 3 people.


Is James the telltale James?

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How about:

Wonder how many are old enough to get it…

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Sadly no.

Forget that James is trash I’m not picking him to prove a point to Scopely. They already think we are stupid no reason to prove it picking James lol

OP is clearly choosing Christa and wants the trait advantage on everyone


Yeah I have seen the leaks but atleast he has a unique weapon

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