Every week im gonna post about elite gear roadmap


why cant you fix this roadmap …

i currently have 60 world cans in place for this and 80 for ultra rare gear roadmap tomorrow …

problem is elite roadmap will only let me run and get a crate with 2 drop leads … that means i can only farm it using my teammates twice during the event…

salvage tokens and non drop leads or use of allies should also drop a crate from a run through … why isnt this STILL not fixed

last week … i had 240 ultra rare crates whilst only having 58 elite crates … you see what im getting at

i dont want to play the game and be like oh damn im 1 journal away from levelling up a 6* that i have bought in promo wheel … fought exclusively for 8 benedicts in 3 raid events … pushed hard for liliths and adens and ascend tokens in survival road to be hindered with not being able to farm elite gear …

its getting old


No one cares dude


I don’t believe it’s something that’s in need of fixing it’s just RNG.


No, its not RNG unfortunately

i do specific tests on this each week

when elite gear is running low i assume you ones who are quiet now may feel the pinch and rise up later on

last 2 levels the same as ultra rare gives a crate … but salvage tokens and non drop lead allies do not give crates … ive ran out of allies to use on the map and am wasting 16 energy for 1 pair of yellow boots … this is stupid and losing scopley money not being able to over farm

again …

ive had 200+ ultra crates 1 week

and under 60 elite because i cant go any further with them and always needing weathered journals


Quick, what’s the number for the waaaambulance?


im not wah wah’n i just tell it like it is


i get crate just by using any faction supporter, doesn`t have to be a drop lead


Yeah, nah, you’re complaining, wah wah. Ye got more wah than Jimi Hendrix.

Either that or you wanted to boast about your surplus cans. Either way…


There’s no boasting here … there’s no wah wah pedals with my guitar … mate you just come on this forum to chuck the same boring non helpful waffle to get a rise

im not showing off about cans either, ive been low for a long time but wanted to gain more inventory for the future. and its showing when my ultra is around 50-80 in stock on 90% but my elite is around 20-40

the day will come when you guys need to hyper farm elite roadmap and you will see it my way.

you can only use ally leaders once every 8 hours … sometimes you can get almost 3 uses out them if you hold off on using them before elite pops up but not all of them. means you can only farm 58 times which is poor


Bro relax. It appears your leveling faster than the system allows. Since last year when the 6* came out. I’ve had to level 21 6* from tier 1 5* plus I’ve leveled another full 20-25 5*, and about 10 4*. I still have lots of gear. My advice, figure out the max you can grab a week and work around that. If not Scopely store will always help you out, for a fee of course.


10 points for hufflepuff


Your seeking a change in rng whenever I run the maps I don’t even use drop leads the first time through and from there is use salvage tokens and I typically wind up with about 5-8 crates as I only dump 1-2 fills per week. It’s rng dude, it’s what the game is built on and what it will always be built on


“the day will come when you guys need to hyper farm elite roadmap and you will see it my way.”

Well, no one really needs to hyper farm, do they? It’s a big old world out there buddy, you wont see much of it inside your phone.



I have zero problems farming the elite gear map with no faction ally in my team at all. I typically get 30 to 50 crates per week.

You are doing something wrong.


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