Every Scopely Launch = Glitch!

Whoever is responsible for quality control needs a refresher…

Every new, touted roll out has an issue of some kind.

Then Scopes does some Deion Sanders back pedaling with egg on their faces, and 1/13 of the players will quit…

It’s too frequent and reliable to be coincidence


They need to fire and hire.

I manufacture real components for a living. When a mistake happens you bear the cost of those mistakes and take actions to reduce the likelihood of it from happening again.

Too bad companies like this are capable of continuing to exist. End of day its our fault. Continued to be allowed to operate this way.

You accept mediocrity you get mediocrity.


Glass window is trash.

Who is more motivated to post, a positive employee, or a disgruntled employee.

As such you get mostly one sided input.

That being said, hard to believe this is rewarding for the employees. I guarantee most of them are rolling their eyes when they are given their marching orders. You don’t develop games unless you like games. What a miserable internal structure this must be.


Wish yall would stop calling it a glitch and just call them out for being incompetent and causing us countless issues they never ever resolve


Deion Sanders x D

I’ve worked in and seen both.

Where it is and is not.

All. Depends on the individuals and their responses to situations. Sometimes they feel they should be more empowered than they should, or are incapable of seeing the broader view. Both cases often lead to over statement regarding their experience.

End of day, the context and tone is important. If it’s a rage post ignore it. If it’s a thorough pros and cons, likely of value to consider.

I’ve seen some think it’s a platform to try and force change within the company, which it is not. Often just leads to a more toxic atmosphere.

FYI… The ‘fla…’ there got you hidden.

100% agree with your input.

You know, they should just start a beta testing program to catch these kinds of things and use it to fine tune new features…


Seems they need a MASTER-BETA program.

Or maybe already have too many master-beta-ers?

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You can salute your shorts but not your fla…



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