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…there is less and less that free to play players can do. Can we have some honest information on your intentions here? My faction leader just confessed he’s done. I’m not far behind. If all you want is spenders, that’s your prerogative but as I say, honest information would be welcome.

Edit: As I reread this, I realize how silly it is to ask your company for honest information about plans or intentions. Still, lightning does strike.


Not here …no trees anywhere

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The Lorax Is Going To Be Pissed


Thanks for the laughs!

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Another friggin paywall “event” and another goddamn OP premiere. Rot in hell Scopely. You completely lost me. I really was trying to see if you could improve. But now I see we need SC, and axes, and other crap that REQUIRES money… Y’all need to be hit upside the head with a bag of hammers, maybe knock some sense into you. ALL YOU HAVE DONE IS MAKE THE GAME TOTALLY UNPLAYABLE FOR ANYONE THAT DOESN’T SPEND THOUSANDS!!! So done. Good luck guys, I hope you get some change from these clowns, but I sure as hell wouldn’t hold my breath.


It is well…not welp.

Welp, good question.


There’s still an “f2p” event going on which from reading the forum and talking to old faction mates, players can’t even be bothered to do.

Yes, the company is horrible. But when I read and talk to friends like this, it makes me wonder why some are still playing.


Because on its good days the game is still enjoyable, it’s just a shame those days are now far outnumbered by the dumpster fire ones.

People stick around hoping for improvement and remembering the times the game was fun

Think I’m done after ToC finishes as not to let down the friends who still care.

The glacial pace scopley are moving at to show us they are taking #pu seriously does nothing to change my personal opinion that this is further lip service

And with that another p13 will be leaving, taking his wallet, expendable income and lack of financial intellect with him




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