Events Preference League

This is just my opinion of what I prefer , please feel free to add your own.
4 Survival Road
5 Raids
6 Level up
7 Onslaught
8 Taking out the rubbish
9 Washing the dishes
10 Root canal work
11 Walker Hordes

Finishing 11th in a top 10 is quite an achievement

  1. CRW - ‘the big one’
  2. SR - I like being able to hit all milestones for free, compliments my play time
  3. Blitz - casual war, 6v6 means I don’t have to shadow the game all the time
  4. Hordes - needs improvements. See last 50 posts. But promising
  5. Level Up - necessity tourney, winnable with planning too
  6. Assault - Fun when the difficulties high and everyone can take part. Needs a new tier
  7. AOW - Used to be ok, very dependent on region, slog now
  8. Onslaught - Requires a lot of attention, but I’m fine with it once monthly
  9. Raids - It’s not awful, but with lowered defences, it’s the least competitive of all and relies solely on can count.
  10. 6* Territories - going way back, but not enough were put on at the same time = top 2 facs hogged all

2 Blitz
4 Hordes
5 Raid
6 Onslaught
7 SR
8 LU

Wow forgot all about special territories that was good, we have a fairly benevolent #1 so they kept 1 and let us fight over the others

Ja it’s another region-depender. We were 4th at the time, so we could sneak one maybe once a day. Non-existent event for those outside Top 5 though. If they opened all, it’d be higher

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level up
I hate everything else
level up for life

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There is always one :grinning:

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2 Raid
3 SR
4 Blitz
6 LU
7 Onslaught
8 Hordes

  1. CRW
  2. Blitz
  3. Hordes
  4. Raids
  5. SR
  6. LU
  7. Yawnslaught
  1. CRW
  2. Blitz
  3. AOW
  4. Raid
  5. SR
  6. Assault
  7. Hordes
  8. LU
  9. Onslaught

LU is tricky because it’s sort of a nescissity if you want to play at all but it’s just boring. :smile:


I still prefer aow over crw prizes usually fit better plus not as many hackers

Literally everything else, doing the dishes, moping the floors, cleaning the attic or garage, then sr and hordes. If prizes reflected the big hype and roll out of hordes I’d it before cleaning the attic on a summer fla day.

  1. Survival Road - used to hate it, now I don’t
  2. Raids
  3. Onslaught
  4. Blitz
  5. AOW
  6. CRW
  7. LU - dull but necessary
  8. Hordes
  9. Territories

I haven’t included assault as it isn’t really competitive. Would be like including building or crafting weapons.

Territory events
Level Up

Blitz (if I’m not working)
LU (I’m good at it)
SR (lots of survivors)
Raids (everyone drops def here)
Onslaught (if they up the gold mod drop)
Hoardes (change the timer, loads of elite drops)
Territories ( forgot that still existed)

  1. All Out War
  2. Blitz War
  3. Cross Region War
  4. Walker Hordes
  5. Level Up
  6. Raids
  7. Survival Road
  8. Onslaught
  1. CRW

  2. LU (Great at it- when there is gear!)

  3. FA (always :heart: it, the event was my Fav!)

  4. Raid (can be fun if rewards are worth it)

  5. SR (would be higher if player cap wasn’t max)

  6. Blitz (24 hr or less is enjoyable)

  7. Onslaught (needs milestones )

  8. AOW (just no)

  9. Hordes (didn’t like it in current form)

  10. Territory (special events- really only 2 factions usually benefits from these, usually the ones begging for this to come back)

  1. War (CRW > Blitz > AoW)
  2. SR (faction or solo)
  3. 6s Territories
  4. Onslaught
  5. Faction Level / Faction Raid / Faction Hordes
  6. Solo Level / Solo Raid / Solo Hordes

I like team events. The more really time impact feeling, or progression the better.

I generally dislike energy events to just score points on a leader board. Doesn’t give a strong sense of progress.

If hordes was like Survival road to be played against challenge teams, it’d be pretty cool. But right now I’ve put it in the ‘background noise’ category.

Lmao yeah boards are trash af