Events Leaderboard

I’m still wondering why there’s not something like top 20 or top 50 , I don’t understand why people that tried to get in top 10 and failed and finished like #11 or #20 should get the same rewards as a guy that finished the event in #100…makes no sense at all imho

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The same with #3
That dude just gets the same rewards as 10-4…
But back in my days…

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oh it’s just to piss you off.

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Coming soon. Individualized rewards for every single rank from 1-1000. :smirk:

Look at it this way 11th means you tried to win and failed but 100th says I’m smart I barely did anything and got the same rewards as you. :wink:

Saving points for what ? It’s always the same shit as rewards and always holding back and barely leveling just make your toons unprepared specially if there’s gonna be a crw soon. Unless your a whale and don’t give a fuck bout it cause hey I can buy more 6* and keep scoring. I’m just sayin a top 30 or top 50 would be great that’s all

The answer is simple , cause all the rewards are garbage , now you know the reason .

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