Events have been pretty disappointing the last few days

This Typhoon event is underwhelming and Zhu doesn’t seem worth anywhere neat the effort and time he requires to acquire. There is not enough Yin to go with all the Yang we are getting. As of this moment I have 4,355 Yang and 20 Yin. Ice Cream and Keys must have a 0.2% chance of dropping from these crates because we’re not getting any

I was looking forward to the new and different Hoards event but it was cancelled at the last minute for being imbalanced. Ok fair enough, and we were given four 6* territories to fight over instead. However it hasn’t really been much of a fight as the top 3 factions took them over and stocked them with S10 teams and 50,000+ defense. Hell the top faction has built a fortress in their territory putting in over 200,000 defense. Each of them getting 40 Beads, 35 Ice Cream/Keys, or 35 Cakes an hour. Meanwhile the rest of the factions get absolutely nothing from the event and are left mostly fighting over the leftover 6* territory spending an entire day’s worth of energy hoping to hold it for a single hour to get a single piece of gear. Actually as of right now the top faction has gotten bored I guess and taken over thr 2nd 6* territory and will now be getting 35 Ice Cream/Keys and 35 Cakes per hour whereas the rest of us are hoping for the 0.2% chance for a crate to drop something besides Yang

Just very disappointing as a whole, but I guess I see now what Scopely considers nice and balanced


lol… so very very true. But, you’ve described the current structure of the entire game…the whales are able to get better, no one else can.


It’s been sad since August and the 4 years event which was dull

I liked July

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The stash will be impossible to finish - so, by extension, Typhoon will be impossible for anyone who doesn’t buy prayer beads. The only exception to this will be the few people who’ve managed to get enough from the territories.

So, the only people who will get Zhu would be the ones who really don’t need him.


Exactly. Very much the way the game has been running for quite some time.


Last few days. Try last six months.


Sorry I’ve only been playing about 2 months

Meh I think 6* territories are great. We’ve held cakes, ice-cream and 6* gear the entire time. Gonna have 48 gear boxes and no clue what to use them all.
Been holding the Beads territory over 24 hours now too.

Love these territories hope they keep doing them. As a F2P player they’re super useful

2019 is a literal shitstorm that managed to infuriate even some jaded RTS players who had seen enough of bullshit during past 2 years.

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Yeah typical benefiting faction mentality. Just think how easy and great the territories are when everyone else has to fight for scraps. Just because you can hold all those terr for that long doesnt mean you should


Few days? More like the past year. :pensive:

They just need to open every single special territory. Not just 4.

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