Events for next week?

Is there going to be a calendar update so we know the events for next week and perhaps the week of Christmas? @GR.Scopely

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@Thomas_Liang - I want to give you the calendar update as soon as I have the information available and confirmed for next week.

For the holidays, I would like to have this information provided for you next week so you all know what will happen during the break but I need again the full confirmation from the team on those events.



GR, we appreciate you can only give us information you are told, but can you identify that they really need to be sharing it sooner.

Or, at least, if they don’t want to tell you until Monday, why not run a Wednesday to Tuesday calendar so at least you have the information 2 days prior. Running a Monday to Sunday calendar and only giving the information out when most of the world is 3/4 of the way through Monday isn’t ideal at all.


Well it’s probably only a solo level up anyways…

Aye, but if I knew a faction level up was coming later in the week I might not go as hard as if I knew that it was the only LU that week. Resources are tight now we are firmly past the pathways event.

This has been an ongoing thing for months if not years. The calendar should always be at least a week ahead subject to change yet most Fridays people are wondering what comes next. Yes it’s typically level up on Monday, then it should not be too hard to have that generated a week in advance.


Seems Scopely must be winging it

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When will the good Christmas event be start?


Is this going to happen this week🤷🏼‍♂️

He had replied to another post that he is just waiting on authorization.

Let’s hope he replies here to then as we have to ask every week🤗

Ty yeah I’ve seen it

Really though … when will any good event start lol . @GR.Scopely You guys are making hard to even log in this days . This shit is painfully boring


indeed but FLU is SOOOOO last decade if we’re getting arrows for SLU.

Hmmm. I’ll believe that when I read it from Russian hackers

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One arrow at a high milestone is obvs not this season’s new black after all.

I have updated the calendar last Friday for this week so you be able to find the calendar on those both locations:


I think scopely utilises agile
with 1 week sprints

they dont think ahead
I can tell in the events they hold which is a mess
with some events people cant even grind the rewards out (I.i 4 year anniversary)