Events For Hackers


So, what you think guys,
150k to 2kk level up milestones
25k red pieces for one weapon, and limit 4, need 100k
per tour about 24 pcs and we have only 3 days for farm it

that events not for normal players…


You are not dedicated enough. I’m sorry



Just I farm 17 hrs for every road map. I completed 3 times. I really hard worked.
But I am still prestige 7. There is no YGL mission

So, I sold all of my gears etc. and I take ak47 gun to. I just used 25kk+ food and all survivors from 0 energy map.

Just this event make me bored.
And there is no way for complete more 250k milestones for me.
I need 11 more days for prestige 8 & YGL mission.

So, is this collections for only p8+ players or geeks?

I did everything I could. But There are things I can not do. And the only reason, my start time.
I think it’s unfair.
I really want that Dwight, I have not any 6* or ascendable 5*.
I think I dedicated enough. But still I can’t take that Dwight…

And that boring events Very very easy for hackers.
I want to play this game for fun, not for get bored.


Yes they should perma ban those filthy hackers asap


I agree there taking over the game and ruining it yet scopleys to bussy counting there cash to do anything about it


yep, too busy counting. :smirk:


How did u get a picture of the scopley offices lol


Is it possible that Scopely set up the event to identify players who may be hacking? KaliShane has said a few times around the forums that there are things underway to deal with cheaters, but she can’t give details. Maybe the red plastic pieces were bait. Like a sting operation. Then at the end Scopely will be all like

Thatll do Goatly 0

Incidentally, you wouldn’t believe the trouble I had making this particular gif, but it was worth it.


Your right it was worth it


I like it for the .gif


archer krieger