Events between regions

At this point in the game it is time for the scopelly to create new events between regions, the regions are each time with mebos activity so that internal events are less and less disputed, the game is losing the essence of competition, creating events as a up between regions or a deadly way would be interesting as well as creating new events that do this.


Just expect bugs and glitches, followed by massive player frustration, and then Scopely pulling out a shiny new toon to pacify players.

Tbh I’d love new events, however I’d much rather see attention to things in game that need to be updated and/or fixed.
1.) Territories constantly crashing, and glitch in
2.) Updated war crates, 6* trainers, 5tokens, war cans being in them. Basic tokens are basically useless which brings me to
3.) Update basic tokens, 5
wheel, prestige wheel, and create 6* wheel
4.) Sr getting stages past 400 and adding an ascendable in depot or making Jesus, zeek, or doc Stevens 6*
5.) Fac assault creates in game competition and causes issues. Create a better system for rewards that include daily earnings and add more bosses.
6.) Updated ascendancy list
7.) A gear map at least providing t3 gear for 6* 1x a week like the others.
8.) All depots could use overhaul.

Spending time creating big projects like cr events would have tons of bugs. I’d love to have them but I feel it would be more irratating than fun.

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