Events and Offers -Poor practices

I would like to bring up the standard practice Scopes is doing some events. For this example the challenge road maps. The practice is called baiting. A starting offer is given and a player has no clue how much it will cost them to complete it for the final prize.

It is my understanding that this practice is in violation of of Google play and Apple’s platform. Scopes you need to disclose an approximate cost of all this sandwiches. You need several hundred. Just because you mix in in game exchanges for coins, (luck) I still consider this practice dishonest and deceitful. You just made your player base promises. Include this practice, of letting us know the costs so we can make qualified decisions.

Post the offers in advance so we know what is to come and quantities. make us wait and plan for them. but why would I drop 9.99 for 50 sandwiches. I can’t even finish challenge 1 part 1 with them. Whats the next offer? How much is it going to cost without luck for Hina. is it 300 or 1000?


Good point. In total will be about 660 sandwiches

Given an option to farm sandwiches through raids might have given me insentive with reward at the end.
I understand, you want money, use that as a faster way to progress but still let others progress atleast through farming.


One could make a good argument they’ve done some form of this in pretty much most of their regular events and collection offers.

Is there a follow up offer after the 9.99 one? Where do the picnic baskets come from after that offer ? I miss the days of getting in game messages that at least half assed an attempt at explaining the “events” .

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It is not.


My personal favorite are the “offer #1”, “offer #2” offers in the shop where the first offer starts out at $0.99 and gets you part-way toward some amazing toon and then you realize offer #2 is $9.99, offer #3 is $49.99, etc. This is the equivalent of going to the car dealership where they sell you the steering wheel for $1, then the frame for $100 followed by the brakes for $500. “Oh did you want seats with that? That’ll cost you $5000” and you have no idea how much the car is going to cost you in the end or whether you can afford it. You wouldn’t do that with a car, so why would you do it here?

This is beyond shady and disgusting. Sure, you give out some other crap rewards like a bronze mod or 10,000 food but you know that people are buying this offer to get the toon after the final offer and most have absolutely no idea that the cost of the offers is going to sky-rocket (because you do not disclose this information!!) so the majority of them get screwed by buying the first offer or two and then give up. Cha-ching. $11 in Scopely’s pocket and a bronze mod, 10,000 food and some collection items that are worthless for your customer.

Transparency Scopely. Please. Just like the OP said, we should know up front what the final cost is going to be. The only reason not to disclose this information is to try to sucker casual spenders into buying the first few offers and you know it.

This is a great game in so many ways but broken features and shady business practices are killing it. Please treat your customers with more respect.



What, locking a “”“free”"" event behind an obvious paywall (that Scopely has been doing for years, now it’s even worse than before.)


Scopely released offers to prey on people and encourage spending. I don’t believe it!

Seriously though, this goes on all the time and just encourages people to resort to the “sunk cost” fallacy.

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Some Buyer protection too. If you buy at one price and then you lower it later the next day. That BS

While that would be nice this isn’t going to happen and furthermore this sort of thing happens all the time, everwhere, not just at Scopely. How many times have you bought something at Target and it goes on sale 2 days later after you already opened and used the product. Does Target owe you compensation? No.

Changing prices sucks for the previous buyers but is not deceptive. These paywall “sunk cost” offers are beyond sleazy and deceptive.

But I can take it back to target and get a refund, and buy it cheaper. Most stores offer a 30 day price protection too.

yes this is for physical merchandise not for digital and you are not buying any thing for this game just renting it

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