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Is there a war this weekend?

You gotta give em at least 24hrs to get their fill of pancakes :pancakes: post holiday vacations. They’ll be hungry!! Hehe

But in all seriousness, JB has already said he’d update when weekend event(s) are finalized. :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: For war!


How long can they possibly take to make a calander? There’s literally five events to choose from. What is there to discuss.


Yup Yup, :slight_smile:

Gotta point there.

Well if it’s war there is plenty to discuss considering the player base whines if it’s CRW and whines if it’s AOW. They have to discuss who’s whining is more bearable. That’s a loaded topic because if we’ve proved anything it’s that some of us will never be happy with what they decide.


Yes. Such a loaded conversation. Should Definitely take more than a day :roll_eyes:


Lol I was wondering the same thing how do they have such a hard time with events it’s bit like there is something new and worthwhile to be chosen from

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They actually discuss? Always thought they make their decisions off a Magic 8-Ball.


U can’t get 5 people to decide and agree on a lunch place of course you will have people who want aow and people who want crw. I think the actual want Is better prizes for crw. As factions who aren’t top 3-5in crw wind up getting garbage.
Having really good milestones actually helps that situation. Also having more ways to earn whatever tokens they are running at the time would also help.
Possibly not having 8 regions in crw might help too. I think 4 regions and better prizes may help some of the hatred towards crw. And aow is basically dead. If I have to sit thru another I’ll likely be done. Last one was basically same 2 factions over and over and over

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