Event? What is this about?

So I see that there is a new 5 days event where you can pull legendarys if your lucky (EVEN ERIKA) How do we even get the tokens and so forth. We have no info what so ever.

Theres like a 1 dollar offer at the moment which gives you just 1 pull at stag or tokens
This means if you bought this 90x you’d have spent 90 dollars on 3 ascendbles. Some 5* lots of 4* and 3 chances at Erika which is good value considering scopley rng or just do wheel for chance at erika

Youre assuming they will sell 90…

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Yes that’s based on assumption but it dors give the rough value hopefully if we’re lucky a roadmap should appear all though that’s if we’re lucky

There’s still a sliver of hope left that they could give us a single chance to pull, if we dedicate ourselves.

Here we go again. Another event with no information or any idea what our chances to get anything are. Seems like a very routine thing now. I wasn’t expecting this game to be a surprise casino but everything is a gamble including the guessing game of how you do it.


Not even Kali warned us about something like that. That’s when all hope for a F2P pull is lost.

Or you can take a spin at the wheel of misfortune… Hm

Erika is there to sucker people in. Anyone who goes for the wheel is gonna get 4-star tokens 96% of the time, 3.99% chance for the 5-star tokens and a whopping .01% on getting that legendary token.


At least its only a buck a fail. Good luck!


i’ll tell you what its about


The odds seem to favour 5* tokens atm

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The $90 for ready to go legendaries did lure me in. It’s not the case the packs begin increasing in value. 10 tokens for .99, and now it’s 15 tokens for 4.99.

This is pretty crappy unless they have a f2p option coming with it. Which is doubtful


bait and switch, underhanded tactics to reel us in as usual


Aren’t bait & switch prcactices illegal? I know it’s highly frowned upon, but I think it is illegal. Can someone fact check me?

Well technically it’s not bait and switch as they haven’t promised or even alluded to anything, other than pricing the first round of tokens so low. It’s more of a lure.

It’s something that could be considered shady, but not illegal imo. Not sure where Albert’s Promise Letter sits on that spectrum, on the other hand…


lol i thought you were verde at first

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Just another chance to gain some good faith blown by this greedy company. Certainly didn’t expect it to be only 90 bucks… but at this rate, it will be well over 300.

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So $5 bucks for five chances on day 1. Now day two is $15 bucks for 4 1/2 chances. Can’t wait to see what the cost of day three will be.

What a crappy “event”. It’s not even pay to win. It’s pay to lose with these odds.


Remember @kalishane said that there was gonna be more news how to get more tokens (hopefuly for free)

think it probablly this