Event territory

Hello, when are you going to organize a territory event. but with good rewards.
it has been a long time since there was one.


Fine fine, I’ll do it in a minute.


Do you need any help?

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I think they wont

Yes, I need some ideas on what items the territories should drop.

Weve been quite generous with shards lately. I was thinking of a territory that drops food, I think the player base will love that.


Smelling salts too… always a fan favorite along with the heal cans (blue ones if any doubt)

Make it a 5 day “event” please longer better as folk get enough of territories and imagine the can revenue alone with make billionaires of everyone


I think 5 bo trainers is fair as well. We need more trainers

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Maybe ones that drop the elusive Bernadette

We will also be increasing stamina damage by 200%, reducing cool down time to zero AND including mission events. Every time you beat someone in a territory battle you get 1 piece of a map, obtain 10 pieces of the map & you can swap them for 32 globes. Every 65 globes can be swapped for a territory energy can!


Too simple that can you add some more collectibles to trade and have some hidden behind pay wall please…

I want to get things from one map to trade in museum to collect x amount to trade in black market to run another map for RNG bag…

Can we limit/restrict the number of special territories too to increase the player satisfaction…

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I remember those always sucking. Remember that one time where they had a territory event and they only opened one 6* territory? Good times

Good times

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