Event Start Times



Just 2 points:

  1. Refrain from using confusing times like 12:00am - use 00:00 for midnight and 12:00 for noon
  2. Mention the time zone - PST in this case

And thanks for the early start of FLU - more time = more milestones :slight_smile:



Faction level up starting 24hrs early messed up so many of our faction plans. How can they say one time but then change it without telling us?


Why did it mess you you?


I’m pretty sure they did this to fuck everyone they hung up when they stopped transfers. They effectively blocked everyone for 3 days(until the end of seeding).


Today we were going to do a faction merge before the ‘weekend’ events started, so we could make a big impact on the new faction league table. But now the events have started 24hrs early we can’t merge until after, ow my faction are sat around twiddling their thumbs waiting for it to be over.


If they wanted to block transfers until the end of seeding they should have done that openly. This is stupid. Half my faction got over before the transfer hold and now the other half is stuck until Monday…


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The time change caught everyone by surprise - I am sure there are players stranded in the crit factions.



Because of this :arrow_up: and because they have done it so many times in the past. Never plan anything near a faction event. Monday’s are a good time to do things as it’s always a solo level up.


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