Event schedule update?


JB… if you have a few mins, can you get us an updated calendar, please. Thanks!


Let me consult the spirits and peer into my crystal ball… :crystal_ball:

I see at least 2 maybe 3 level ups…one being a faction…then at least one or two raids…again one being a faction…then one or two survival roads…one being a faction…

This game could not be more predictable. Do we even really need a calendar? :laughing:


Well said…


It updates every wendsday, it would be great if we had calendar tell us what happens on tuesday but oh well


If it’s so very predictable, it surely is no problem for you to write down all specific events with the correspondent dates and times for the upcoming two weeks here, no?

Seriously, of course we’re well aware of the set of possible events. But that’s still a bit different to the specifics we’d need for planning purposes.

That beeing said, I would like to see an updated schedule as well.


Mon-Tue Solo Lv up
Tue-Wed Solo Raid
Wed-Thu Solo SR
Fri-Sat Fac Lv up
Fri-Sat Fac Raid
Sun-Mon Fac SR

Let’s see how close I am to the actual events. Bet I’m at least 80% on the money.


Well, thanks.

That’s nice for some rough planning, but nowhere near accurate enough, even if you 100% correct. Many players need start- and end times, like (hours and minutes, I’m not evene going on about the whole time zone issue). That’s why we’d like to see official data.

(Even though that isn’t always 100% accurate either. The current war for instance started two hours earlier than stated in the schedule.)


Why you need times? They change them without warning. Events start earlier, get changed from faction to solo. Doesn’t really matter


JB just started giving us the times. Shane never did. Go check VK the night before they have all the info you need including the start times.


I’m not long enough in these forums or the game to have long time experiences with that, but the times for the first two September weeks were largely accurate. And that helps my faction members and me a lot for planning the day and ressource distribution.

What’s “VK”? :no_mouth: Forget it, got it. Not using it. ^^


Lemme ask my friend.

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


Why you gotta be like that bro!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


It’s problably going to be really accurate, except for the SR Tourneys. We all know it’s going to be 23hr Shit, like always :expressionless:


For sure. For me the 23 hour SR starts Sun afternoon and finish on Mon. That’s why I wrote it that way. I also expect the raids to be less than 24 hours too. They love trying to make us burn cans.


Sunday Afternoon. You’re so lucky :sweat_smile:


Tomorrow is Monday, so it will be a Solo Level Up. There’s is always Solo Level Up on Monday’s hence the name S.L.U.T Monday’s :joy::joy::joy:

Even when they do give us a schedule they never follow it. They constantly change and shorten the times on us.


Take out solo raid and make SLU until Wednesday and you got it down


We need an update on the 99 cent offer before the calendar update.