Event rewards lately(I know it's posted but it's true)


Dear Scopley,
Your rewards have been horrible lately. So much that their is no real effort on this tournaments.
If you think I whining ask your player base; if you think it’s funny, no one but you is laughing; and if you don’t realize people are leaving daily you are sadly mistaken.
How do you fix this?
Option A. Go back to rewards that gave out 5 stars. (I’d prefer 6 stars, but 5 will help balance the game longer)
Hand out legendary rewards even if it’s a low amount with the 5 star… An added incentive.
Milestones should have a lilith, no one needs bronze or silver walkie talkies.
Option B. Put an old character ascendable as final milestone with 6 star gear… EXAMPLE holsters and barker.
See they don’t have to help each other. And main wins tokens. Don’t be cheap.
Option C. Realize people are leaving, people are heading to New regions(which 1 or 2 pulls and they are top fact til game dies because of past knowledge), or worst of all close the game.
Some rant cause they have hope you will fix it, some rant cause they are mad at you, and I rant cause Ive invested time and money and y’all are killing the reason I play.

The missing part of convo are about how no one wants to compete for garbage prizes