Event/reward cycle


@kalishane Is it reasonable to expect the event/reward cycle to be something along the lines of:

  • Solo lvl ups for legendary medals/t3 6* gear

  • Solo SR for legendary AR/AS trainers and t3 6* gear

  • Blitz Wars for Benedicts

  • Wars for 5* tokens

  • CRW for some combination of non-ascendable, “exclusive” 5* chars, 5* tokens, legendary trainers, and t3 6* gear

  • Fac based versions of the above for lesser prizes (lesser in this case meaning fewer of respective items)

I ask mainly because there seems to be a pattern to event rewards, and rewards are the only avenue currently available (not counting $$$) to getting the items now required to compete in a 6* economy. The cycle outlined above covers the necessities to ascending and leveling a 6* to t3 lvl 80, also without the requirement of spending.
Thanks in advance.

**I left off raid tournaments, since we haven’t seen enough of them lately to get a sense of what to expect for rewards, and don’t want to broach the issue of milestones, so ignored those as well.


I like the idea of each event having certain types of rewards, however, the rewards need to be increased from what they currently are.


I don’t want to fight the best of 5 different regions for the chance at a bland 5* I’ll never use

Fighting the aboslytr best of each region should be an amazing desirable prize


I’m trying to get a sense of what we should expect for the event/reward cycle, at least in the near term.

I’m asking a fair question, and one whose answer would demonstrate a sliver of transparency, while showing some honest, unbiased communication between Scopely and the players.

Debating what the rewards should be is the subject of multiple other threads.


I’ve definetly noticed a new pattern showing recently.

Tokens and trainers and gear has seemed to become medals and trainers and other trainers.


Don’t expect good news , or any.


I wouldn’t dare, but no response is a response.


Some people are able to get thru different events for whatever reason doing better then others. Solo Sr is one I see a lot of people that don’t do level ups go all out for. I think each event is made for different strengths and weakness of players and the game. Not sure I would like only certain prizes going to only certain events. Prizes should be something we want not that we are starved for. This only encourages that route. I have however seen a somewhat pattern tho as u mentioned.