Event podium piece tokens


what are those tokens used for. im not sure what they are all about


??? podium peice? what are you on about



Are u talking about the necklace collection pieces?


one of my faction peers said he got a small coin or token in a little box after getting the high score in a war victory…he inquired about its function i dont recall it either being there or not…


Do you mean something he opened up for the battle chest you get after a match?
Does he have a screen shot?


Was it one of these?


I believe he’s talking about the participation points that shows when you lose a War. Those are just points that goes towards your faction score. I’m just guessing that.


I realised that after once I won the next war but figured I spammed enough :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah it was the participation points…guess he pushed botton so fast never looked


thanks for the assistance never the less


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