Event leaks what we want

Any news on any new events? How do I tag @GR.Scopely …there it is. It’s be nice if it involved cake that we can use not everyone maxs there toons in 2 days you know.


The event leak is there isn’t any :frowning:

Lol figured it’d get the ball rollin.

@Gamechamp We have a new multiweek event lined up for you guys. I am hoping to get the information up on the forums asap.



I see you put together the territory threads into one post and closed it. Please open it up and take into account the players who do enjoy it.


Thanks @GR.Scopely can’t wait. I also enjoyed territory’s tho prob more of them opened at once is good idea. Small factions matter, too.

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While you’re at it, can you please think about some form of compensation for all players that were negatively impacted by Halloween tokens conversion rate? And by that I mean people that got SD tokens and not coins, after the screw up.
It would mean much to the community to see some kind of caring during these times. :wink:

A multi week event with :poop: rewards I’m guessing


@GR.Scopely where is the s class roadmap?? how do we get the blue keys now !!

im just looking for the FA event so hopefully i can get some silver medals

What about FA event?

@Inzamum1999 please refer to this thread No S class roadmap or Gold Brick s class to follow on the issues with the roadmaps.


@holdem Please refer to this thread about the FA event as I have updated the calendar for the week. Any news on FA updates?


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ooooooh i can’t wait !! gimme gimme gimme !!

@Bogdan I have made some comments on the Halloween Token conversion here Day of the Dead Unintended Token Conversion 11/8/19



You will be able to find all the information related to this event on the blog here:


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