Event Last RM notifications + Relevant offers

Hi @WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron, would it be possible to highlight the roadmaps in red or (I think for one of the road maps Scopely) state that it was the last roadmap? E.g last chance Deck, last chance Cards.

Think it would really help, especially when there are multiple events and dates etc to keep on top of as well as roadmaps.

Also the RTS cards are still being sold in offers under features and House of cards, doesn’t really make sense to sell cards for a roadmap that is not going to appear again. Maybe for the future, make sure that only relevant items are being offered at the time? For example I would have purchased with coins the current offer:

(11 hours left)

For 250 coins, however 2 of the 6 possible options is for RTS cards which are now useless so I’m not going to bother.

Also I noticed in some monetary offers that the RTS cards are still being offered, which again, aren’t worth anything so the customer isn’t getting real and full value:

(2 hours left - hope new offers don’t include RTS cards)

Think there are some miss oppuntunies by including redundant items in offers and not relevant items towards end of an events, as it would not only please the customers but potentially increase revenue as well.

Will post this in the HOC thread if still opened as doubt anyone is really looking at forums anyways

UPDATE: Was going to add to the HOC thread but it’s closed :hushed:


Yes!!! Sooooo close to the next full house. I just need a few more jacks :sob: I thought I’d get one more roadmap in since we have 22 hours left in the event. Wait… I bet there’s an offer for Jacks :money_mouth_face: Scopely is all about that $$$$$$. On top of the $ for SC, AND the battle pass, AND the coins we don’t get in leagues anymore, AND… Nevermind y’all get the point.


To be fair my dear they usually give you 24 hours after all the events to collect the rewards.

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Hence why highlighting that it’s the last roadmap would be so helpful to customers.

Not all customers are going to read multiple blogs or remember 20 odd days later specific RM close dates.

Especially as there are so many roadmaps which have so many individual requirements that you got to get your head around. Think a nice QoL enhancement would be fantastic and I have seen them do it before as well.

Even just an in game msg reminder would be fantastic especially for long events so customers can be prepared


Yeah and short changed us enough time to run the last roadmap we need to finish “one more Royal Flush” :toilet:

And Hi Y :slight_smile:

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Update: I woke up hoping that a coin (as I’m f2p) offer for aces would be up as I have 35 aces personally left and nada:

Also noticed that customers are still being asked to part with their money for some items (RTS Cards) that no longer have in game value

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger This is a wasted opportunity as with a few hours to go to this even, f2p it customers who just want to use their coins can’t because the offers are irrelevant.

For paying customers, it’s extremely unfair cos if they need x item then the cheaper options they have to purchase items that are no longer of any use, which makes no sense.

There needs to be better planning of offers and what is being offered to its relevant for the customer and means that you may make more revenue as your giving customers what they want and what is relevant.


I’ve raised the concern with decks still being for sale and it has been noted and will be discussed further as it should not happen

You raised it with Scopely? Cos that’s what I’ve been trying to do. They need to re-engage with customers on forums.

As a customer I shouldn’t have to search for multiple ways to communicate this information. A CM is supposed to have continuous engagement with customers to feedback suggestions and concerns to the company and to proactively engage in creating discussions, polls etc so a company has another viable way to gain feedback, ideas and concerns + added bonus of retaining customers and fostering relationships.

I’m a customer, I have concerns that I’ve brought up in a constructive way, I want a trained, accountable employee of Scopely to address them. Is that so hard?

The main responsibilities of community management on social media include:

  • Finding new users and answering their questions
  • Replying and engaging current community members
  • Strategy for developing the community

As you can see, the community manager is all about interacting with the digital community at large. They spend most of their time directly engaging with new and current members as themselves. If they go out into the real world, they’ll usually have swag on hand and represent the company at events. Developing a strategy for an online community involves listening to its needs and finding ways to reach them. They might give out voucher codes and other bonuses to help create goodwill in the community.

This is from sprout social website who are experts when it comes to social digital management and have companies like vice, glassdoor, shopify, NBCUniversal as their customers to name a few.

Part of what I do is take feedback I see and bring it to their attention in case it wasn’t already noted by their own readings and review of the forums/discord/whatever other sources they get feedback or by the PC. The rest of that I will not comment on as it is not my place to say what Scopely has decided their CM’s job entails.

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How do you bring it to their attention that they actually take notice? What authority do you have and how do you pick and choose as a customer what other customers suggestions, concerns and feedback get through to them via yourself?

This is also the Job description albeit from a year ago that Scopely posted for a community manager, that is in line with what most community managers roles being:

Community Manager


Barcelona, Spain

1 year ago


As Community Manager, you’ll set the pace and strategic direction for Scopely’s Casual game portfolio. You’ll establish and grow our community and social engagement efforts, and set goals to help support the growth and vibrancy of our player communities. You will have the opportunity to build channels of communication with our players for current and upcoming game titles, and to foster relationships with our communities to help inform and impact product decisions across our core game slate.

Note: This position is located in Barcelona, Spain (and we are only considering candidates who are already authorized to work in this location)

Please submit all resumes in English

What you will do

  • Drive the strategy to core pillars of community engagement and growth (Relationships, Recognition, Events, Brand Loyalty, and Service).
  • Develop highly engaging content across social platforms, (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) that is highly targeted to our game’s unique audiences
  • Form 1:1 relationships with top online influencers.
  • Drive the creation, delivery, and value assessment of community events.
  • Nurture community based discussions via a variety of channels to maximize brand loyalty.
  • Responsible for crafting player centric messaging for all aspects of the game, distributed on game forums and social channels
  • Serve the needs and feedback of our players both internally and externally.
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Product, as well as agencies and 3rd party teams on a wide range of projects.
  • Develop partnerships and collaborate on driving cross-promotional community programs

What you need

  • 3+ years of experience growing social communities in the video gaming industry
  • Prior experience in video games industry, social media, and publishing
  • Analysis: Expert skills in exploring and analyzing trends in engagement and feedback
  • Communication: Interpersonal savvy and persuasive skills that make you effective at communicating a winning strategy and achieving your goals.
  • Project Management: Superb judgment and problem solving skills, and a demonstrated excellence in prioritizing your efforts to deliver maximum value under time constraints.
  • A passion for gaming
  • Track record of innovation, driving new ideas and strategies from concept to execution.
  • Fluent English

What makes you a Rockstar

  • Knowledge and expertise with mobile games or micro-transaction apps
  • Proficient in image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop
  • Knowledge in HTML and web formatting

If you think you match the above requirements, we are looking forward to receive your application!

***Please remind to submit it in English.

From game jobs as I don’t think I’m allowed to post links?

All I am is another player voice. Not sure what more you want me to say.

Ok cool, so what are you going to do that is different to what I’ve done as a fellow ordinary customer/players voice?

I’ve tagged them repeatedly here on this thread that has all the relevant info and some likes so seem to be something, some customers think needs to be looked into.

I’ve presented the information in a factual, constructive ways giving solutions as I always try to do. What is the difference? And how do you get acknowledgement directly from them that they have read, understood and will be looking into it further?

My Spidey sense.

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That doesn’t make any sense… trying to genuinely find out, cos I have no idea nor does any other customers If Scopely are reading feedback, concerns or suggestion.

If you, as you said raised the issue about deck and it’s been noted and won’t happen again, and your a normal player/customer then please help and educate us on what we can do, if it’s how we communicate information, if they like it a certain way, r we tagging the wrong ppl etc.

Can you please help us all be able to communicate and actually get a response from a Scopely employee, cos I think the majority just want to improve the game and want to know that when a suggestion has been made that it has been heard etc.

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If he does in fact have some direct line of communication with Scopely employees I’m pretty sure sharing it with the forum wouldn’t do anyone any favours.

If they wanted to respond, they would.


He volunteers as a discord moderator. He can only pass on info, not get them to act on it. He can’t help you with what you’re asking him to.

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I guess there are two lines of thought. Some people want a response when they provide feedback, others don’t. I personally don’t need a response, nor do I want them to respond to every feedback post across multiple platforms because that in itself would be a huge amount of time just spent responding(especially when we know the main response will be “noted and I will take it to the team”)

There is a dev tracker on here that lets you know when they have been active as well I believe discord shows you who is on when they are on. Maybe it’s blind faith or maybe it’s from other interactions but that tells me they do read our feedback. Do I expect them to read and catch everything? Nope. Don’t think that’s humanly possible. And that’s why we have our PC members who are doing a great job gathering feedback. That’s why we have moderators who are also gathering feedback. That’s why we have content creators who also provide feedback. No one person should be considered responsible for gathering and responding to all feedback. There are multiple back up avenues to ensure as much feedback is getting heard as possible.

Just providing feedback to one is all that should be expected of the players. If a player feels they have a concern they can bring it up across several different platforms or to a member of one of the groups that aids in feedback gathering. All any of us can do is provide feedback.

We all need to remember, not all feedback gets implemented. There are often limitations to what can be done or other things at play we are unaware of that prevent some things from being changed.

But to wrap this up because it’s one of my unusually long posts and there really isn’t much more to say, you had a valid concern about offers being up that are unusable. Scopely was aware of it (and did remove the offers) and all I did was provide you with the courtesy of letting you know they were aware. No more no less. You’re welcome and have a good day.


@Opie dont worry about long messages I’m the same :blush:

I don’t have discord anymore as I was called out as being part of the problem for having it, although I had it before Scopely went on discord. But as the point was valid as contributing to it I took it off.

So I don’t know this information.

@snichols I was going from Opie saying that the deck issue they passed it on, it’s been noted and will be discussed as it shouldn’t happen… so was asking how as customers can we get to that point and how can we make better feedback so it strenghtens feedback for it to get to that position. Not that Opie had some power for them to act on it

Leading from @C.J message it does help, cos if @Opie is a mod and a mod on Forums as well idk? Then just giving info on how to provide constructive info so that if it’s not seen etc would help so it can be passed on for consideration.

Although I fear they don’t read anything still as there is no engagement from what I’ve thus seen on the forum and my own experience. and t

It’s just genuine questions cos I don’t know if anyone has been responded to who haven’t been a mod etc just a plain old dumb customer on the forum trying to give feedback and get some knowledge that it has been noted for further discussion so dumb customers aren’t repeating the same old feedback and feel like they are banging their heads on the wall cos no one from Scopely says anything.

@Opie on the point about multiple channels etc, but for a company not to actively engage with its customers, is that really a wise thing? I would understand the supplementary other forms of giving feedback, but I’ve not seen any CM actually create a topic and engage in that topic with their customers. I’ve not seen them create polls or ask for further clarification on feedback from customers.

Of course they aren’t gonna reach every customer and see all feedback, something will slip the cracks bit from the multiple posts I’ve seen, I’ve not seen any interaction from Scopely, the business to its customer and fostering and maintaining a b2c relationship, you can look on any companies ethos, is a primary aim. Palming off customers and making secondary and functions that only should be supplementary to the actual business engaging with its own customers, I’ve not seen many companies practice if at all. Regardless if it’s a mobile game or not.

Your gonna start having only a select amount of customers being responsible for the overall customer feedback on certain platforms for a billion dollars company and you as a company are going to lose sight of the customer because your in an echo chamber of just a select few customers. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve spoken with this with other professionals from Amazon, Groupon, Guinness World Records and other companies and while they believe it’s great to have secondary functions to gather customer feedback etc, primarily nothing beats a company actually interacting directly with their customers for multiple reasons that now I’ve made this post too long (sorry) I won’t go into here but it’s pretty obvious. But it’s kinda alienating and making customers becoming gatekeepers if u will when it shouldn’t be that way and customers are not employees. But just a dumb customer here.

But that’s just it as long as people I.e customers are still spending and generating profit then the need for feedback is significantly reduced as frankly what do they care long as the cash continues? I’d wager this will remain the same until profits take hit…

I doubt very much large companies anywhere care much for feedback? Mean don’t see McDonalds asking for this as proof in fact they are making money pretty much 24hrs a day every day