Event killing jiangshi not all counting

Just wondering why both amounts don’t equal each other. Is this intended or a bug?

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Is this like this for everyone. They are both under the typhoon mission so they are not started at different times. So they should both be the same, right?

Any word on this?

My personal total and the total that shows up for my contribution in the faction one were different. My solo one was lower but I completed it yesterday

Must be a bug. Or they want us to do almost double the amount needed.

Are you the 7600 while your solo says 2800? That’s bad. I was only a few hundred apart

Mine is like 400 off. Maybe walkers being killed in SR arent counting that’s been the case before

I’ll test that out. Something is definitely wrong.

With a Scopely product?!? NO WAY!!!

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It is counting the daily sr walkers killed, so it is not that. Maybe the tournament at ones didn’t count but then you’d think more would have a mismatch.

I dont think many people have noticed I didnt check until i saw your post.

Just for the record , walkers in territories don’t count for me .
Messaged support and got the usual garbage response

Yeah but walkers never count on territories.
I wrote support they basically told tap my head, while spinning in circles, jumping up and down, might fix it.

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