Event in Review: Whisperer War

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Technical: Nothing I can remember.
  • Communication: Event description on the blog was complete, but better time information would have helped (UTC in 24h format please!). Event communication in game could be substantially improved - why was there no indicator in game a) whether mask drops where active b) for how long they will be active c) when they will become active again. This could have been done even without interface changes, simply have two events alternating in the news part of our inbox: “Whisperer War: Hot” and “Whisperer War: Cold” (or similar) that tell you through the regular timer when the game shifts mode.
  • Tournaments: Were strangely absent - usually when there’s a raid event we get at least one raid tournament. I didn’t mind it so much, event rewards were good enough.
  • Roadmaps: Fun to have some roadmaps for 5*. Wit the amount you had to play them, it really took a big chunk out of my salvage tokens.
  • Missions: These were over so quickly I almost forgot. Good to get some fills to help with the event and some anniversary stuff
  • Black market: Amazing - great weapon, good amount of older cards (including Davie as a somewhat newer one), crafting stuff for gold arrows; newer cards and other good stuff for the non-farmable rings.
  • Store: I didn’t really look at money offers (though they’re often acceptable value in events like this). Gold offers seemed bad - highly random for rings.

Heavy grinding event with great rewards. Another strong event.


[ETA] As the thread is already locked, here are YSpammer’s observations:

So, I was in vacation and missed a lot of the forum time. Been checking for new threads, but missed your review and now it’s closed :frowning:

Here my observation:
Locked raid grind times were great. 3 times a day, 3 hours long should have been enough for anyone being able to participate.
I loved the first day, since it was onslaught and noone was dropping defense (I did, whenever we were not matched or after my full def got killed), it added an extra layer to the challenge, similar with the war later.

The 5* map was great too - the teams were challenging and required a bit of strategy to beat - faction helpers and battle items got relevant again (especially if you wanted some XP with Pam so using a lead with no buffs and non-maxed toons to boot). The grind aspect requiring hundreds of re-runs separated the true grinders from the easy players, just like the F2Ps from spenders that made good use of the salvage token deals (3 guys in my fac praised them heavily, while I reduced my 1,600 token stash down to 1k).

The weapon was nice, S-class boxes too. Just the ring shop was a bit of a letdown.

The absence of walker hordes (!!!) was completely unpardonable for an event that calls itself a whisperer war… I know they had balance issues, but could have simply restricted the defense to 5* just like the roadmap and ppl would feel it as a completely natural design…

I rated it 7 (would do 7.5 if it were possible), because the raid timers have been quite confusing and the hordes missing.


I enjoyed it. The roadmap was a bit of a grind but the rewards were worth it. I managed to buy everything in the arrows store which was great.

The drops were good in both the raids and the roadmaps.

My only small negative is the gold rings. Ftp you could get 84. But everything in the store is 5 or more. So once again (like with the 9 hats in a previous event) they leave us one short of being able to use all our rings.
Even if you bought some the lowest was 10 (from what I saw) so you’ll never use all of the rings. Just for completion I like to be able to use all my items or top them up so they can all be used. I hate having useless leftovers.

Still gave the event an 8 though. In general, effort was rewarded.



RIP my 2.400 maks I kept to get those E class collectables…

at least got the gun.


For me this event was ok - I am happy with Gun, thats great, and I am pleased to have gotten it.

My problem lies with my own schedule, my only window for participation was from 7 am till 8 30 am, so for me it was not a leisurely grind, it was an “oh crud I have to get up right now to do raids” not ideal that.

I know it worked out well for others, and thats great, but for me and my situation … not so much.

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Good event, next time I don’t think we need certain times to farm👍


Would be 10/10 if the S box have new cards instead of outdated ones, but this is a personal opinion and new players maybe enjoyed the chance of grind for Pete Anderson or Priya.
Was bit annoying to repeat the roadmap billion times, but at least the prizes worth even more the shine pistol. Also they should add custom epic weapons more often in events.

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