Event in Review: Wayland's Anvil

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So Wayland is the mod blacksmith and Earl the weapon blacksmith now? Sort of makes sense, I guess.

  • Technical: Event started late, but that’s alright I guess. Apparently some of the mod boxes were severely bugged for some people; this should of course not happen at all, but official comms on this are absolutely required
  • Communication: Event information was good as usual, Missing
  • Mod events: Mod events like free removal and double for scrapping are always welcome (how about bonus upgrade chance?). I would like some info how often we can expect to see double mod scrap events in the future; I hope it’ll be a relatively common event. Getting a stupid message every time you run a world/road map is extremely annoying (mods don’t even drop from stages! stop bothering me) but you’ve just massively disincentivized scrapping outside such events.
  • Roadmaps: This was fun. The roadmaps were short and cheap, but the last one was somewhat challenging so that there’s actually a bit of fun involved. If you fail, no big deal, try again. I enjoyed this part (unfortunately I think I skipped a day, not sure). More of this please
  • Missions: Boring, completed on the first day. I don’t mind it if you need to spend to fully complete the missions (like in the battle pass), but I don’t like missions being completely gated behind a paywall the way they were here. Value seemed pretty bad for the pay aspects of the mission. Less of this please.
  • Museum: Platinum set&shape choice boxes are nice idea, and a good free top reward for an event like this. Not too keen on the effect choice boxes, esp. for the price. Don’t need gold mods, but a nice option for newer players.
  • Black market: Seems a bit complicated with all the currencies. I appreciated that you could spend mod scrap, and that all the currencies were directly or indirectly available this way - missing a day did not ruin your event, just cost a few extra scrap. but simultaneously it was not really worth it to spend huge amounts. Extra RNG plat mods are nice, and some gold mods as spillover are also ok. Would have liked to see extra sheet metal etc. exchangeable into mod scrap.

I like the idea of events focusing on particular game mechanics. This event gave me a reason to finally open some old CRW region rewards and make faster progress with getting all my gold mods maxed. That’s all a big positive in my book, even if the overall rewards were not stellar, and because there’s a limit to how much scrap you can have, it’s not quite as crippling for normal play outside the event as say FA is (In other words, I’ll still continue to level my mods outside events, but feel bad about doing FA outside one). I would be happy to see more things like this. That said, the rest of the event design was often a bit mediocre, and could use a little polish. 5/10


Found the event bit meh and needlessly fiddly with museum/black market combo…

Got one Weyland choice box that wasn’t worth the effort and even after the crash bug was sorted the box was bugged and had to contact support (who were slow but super helpful).

Gave up on the items afterwards really bar using scrap for sheet to get random gold and plat mods.

Just seemed medicore and nothing to push for…

Will say as a side event fare enough as running daily map etc was not a choir nor was using tokens to farm.

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I liked how, even the lowest level of the road map was farm-able, I got so much mod scraps! I leveled up so many gold and platinum mods with all the scraps I got, it even made leveling up some of my more niche mods worthwhile, the event also prompted me to have a clean out of bronze mods and open my daily mod boxes (118) as well, so that was good. Also if you were able to farm stage 3, the player xp payout was quite generous - if you are into that sort of thing. It was good to rid myself of a few hundred bronze tokens.

Otherwise I walked away with a couple of Platinum mods, the event, was not really much of an event, I didnt really go out of my way for the most part, I even forgot about it for a few days there, and no harm was done, it was a good little side project, and that’s the key term for me 'Side project" I never felt I was actually participating in an event.

Fully agree. Event was completely optional, missions reasonable, daily roadmap cheap and farmable (and the scaling difficulty very welcome)… To me, black market was very clear, no confusion there and I ended up with less useless mods and a handful of potentially usable ones. Overall, 7/10, because of the choicebox issues and a missing narrative

What I like is the overall approach of obtaining a specific mod (something I actually suggested just shortly before the event, lol)

[EDIT: added later]
The fact that change of the trauma mechanics was announced during the Wayland’s anvil has allowed smart players quickly go for a trauma resist mod to protect their tankiest toons (Trader), which is also a very good timing and appreciated

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I usually like to go into detail on why an event is good or not, this event doesn’t deserve that much time from me



I miss farming mod scraps already



  • Scrap Roadmap (whatever the name was) was very nice to farm mod scrap. At a cost of 3 world energy per replay I was getting the 2500 and 5000 scraps to drop a good decent amount.


  • Visual Bug caused heart attacks and sadness for alot of players
  • Without spending, completing the roadmap every 24hrs, and moderate farming allowed me to claim one Platinum Mod (Wayland Box II) and then 10 Gold mods (two of the Wayland Box I)…traded that 5 Plat Medal for more Sheet Metal.
  • Conversion value in the Black Market was too high between items. 5000 mod scrap for 100 Sheet Metal sucks balls. Mod scrap is more valuable to me even when its farmable.
  • False Advertisement…"[Wayland] seems to have unlocked the secret of crafting specific mods…Help him gather the necessary materials and get the mod of your choice as a reward!" All the box options came down to RNG regardless. It would have been nice if it allowed everyone to only claim 1 Platinum mod of their exact choice (Set and the Effect).

I was very blessed to have been lucky with RNG and getting the correct Effect that I wanted within the Set that I picked out. But I’ll complain for everyone else that got screwed over by RNG.

I got one plat mod choicebox, 10 gold choiceboxes, all 3 RNG plat mod boxes and two RNG gold mod boxes. I did exchange all scrap for sheet metal, since scrap was never much of a problem (especially with the mod selling during 2x event).

Not sure what qualifies for moderate farming. I am lvl198, so 100 energy per can and have used cca 6 cans initially during event and 2-3 cans to “top up” sheet metal (was also farmable) to claim that 2nd gold RNG box

So far I claimed 4 gold choiceboxes, aiming for def set def against tough, got it on 4th try. It was a 40% fully levelled, so happy (my previous ones were 34% and 39%)

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For the Exchange, I only used the 5 Plat Medal for the 2500 mod scrap.

Moderate for me was using what left over natural world energy I had each day to farm a little bit. So basically I didn’t devote cans to farm it. After I took care of the essential maps like Gear, Parts, and etc what ever leftover (and whatever recharged) I used to farm.

What about this issue?
I Chose a first slot and came that nice peace hahaha, wrong postion and BRONZE?

It’s a visual bug but from what I’ve been reading you actually have the platinum mod somewhere.


What did you select in the choicebox?

The mod it shows is the last RNG box mod you obtained. The true mod has been added into your inventory in the background, but doesn’t get the ! symbol indicating a new inventory item.

Check the full post (I also added screenshots there)

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that´s it… thank you

It had potential but once again got screwed by RNG. Would have preferred it if we could choose from a selection of specific mods. I’m just so tired of never getting any useful mods.

It was a bit silly that all the free missions could be completed so quickly, so I guess it was free stuff for not all that much effort. I would just prefer it if the free stuff wasn’t complete crap :joy:

Probably a good thing I didn’t get any good mods since I now don’t have many mod scraps left.

Very very boring, for a mod, admittedly got a 1025 att att mod but I could of got Jack :poop: gave it a big fat Zero

was starting to get my head around all of the different currencys then realised you had to buy he keys to get to anything good.

after just buying the battle pass which was good value then this being launched it a miss, i just quickly swapped anything i had for a mod or 2

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sum it up. Event was lackluster. Bugs of course in any event but not requiring too much effort to get a few extra mods f2p

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Set-choice platinum mod was easily doable without spending, and was pretty good as you could choose position as well. ATK/DEF/HP set stat mods should find a use no matter which stat you end up getting.

Anyway, this evens seems highly polarizing judging from the comments. Interesting.

I think I pulled 5 plat mods from the event, 3 of which were crit set and not that useful. I did end up selling very nearly all my bronze mods and a chunk of silvers to get enough scrap to clean out the blackmarket. That was fine I guess, I wasn’t using them anyway. RNG for plat mods is what it is.

I think y’all selling 3 keys for the event was greedy. is every event going to ask us for some cash now?