Event in Review: Treasure Hunt: The Sequel

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Technical: The black market page vanished some days to come up later, often with wrong titles. Not a major issue, but it would be good if such things could be avoided.
  • Communication: As usual, all the important information was available
  • Roadmaps: I did not have a chance to play the Emerald Mine, because it was way too expensive; also, random drops for something expensive like this is not a good thing. The other two were fine. But seriously, Scopoly this is the second time you’ve run this event. Do you know how mines work? Emerald mine, fine. But why, why do you need rubies to get into the Ruby Mine, and then don’t get more rubies there, but treasure tokens? That’s the opposite of what a mine does! Just swap the names, and it makes some sort of sense. You go into a mine to farm rubies, then sell them to buy a Treasue Map to get treasures that are more useful post-apocalypse. Right now, what’s the story supposed to be? You use a Treasure Map to find rubies, then bury them underground to fill the mine back up, and the happy owner gives you treasure? Is this some Keynesian stuff, pay people to bury rubies underground, then others to dig them up again to combat post-apocalyptic unemployment? I don’t get it. Swap the names.
  • Black market: Free stuff is nice, a bonus for people who have SC is nice, I like the idea of small offers tying into events. But overall, this was a bust IMO. To get anything good, you needed to spend a lot, and a little to medium spending didn’t get you anything worthwhile.
  • Treasure wheel: This was … meh… alright I guess? Some of the more useful 6* like Stevens and Wayland. Some trainers. I wasn’t excited about the stash last time, and even less excited this time, though on reflection it was probably better. (FWIW, I got my like 5th Mia, another Stevens which is nice, and some trainers).

Overall, this was a very unexciting event. Main gameplay element was figuring out how many rubies to use and how many to save in case the event comes back. That said, it wasn’t bad per se - You could just take the free rubies, run the Ruby Mine (or even just exchange them on the black market if you were really lazy) and get some ok-ish stuff for practically zero effort. I’m ok with events like that, little investment, little return. But I like it when such events feel good, which his one didn’t for me. 3/10

[ETA: I’m not doing a thread for the Bonus Torch Roadmap ‘event’, because I don’t think a roadmap is an event. Was decent though}


Very great event for rookie players with few options of 6* fighters on their roster even for a S class era.
All the toons from the wheel were top tier from their era and will help these group of players. For veterans was boring for sure, but for me personally I liked to earn more and more fodder for level up.


I gave it a 4.
I Also never got a chance to run the emerald map bc of the moronically High key cost :unamused:
I ended up with 23 pulls from the Treasure Trove wheel. I guess I got some Okay pulls but nothing that’s game changing that’s for sure.

I got a 2nd and 3rd Doc Stevens :man_facepalming: A 3rd Mia :man_facepalming: 1st Cameron Scar and 1st & 2nd Wayland. Which I guess is nice but I’m running all S Class teams so they really don’t help me in anyway unless I sell them and partially level them.

I would have rather had gear along with the trainers instead of outdated toons. Idk about anyone else but I need gear more than anything RN.
Having to waste a shite ton of gear on leveling up Two 6* is what’s screwing me the most. That needs to change, but that’s a different thread.

All in all, it wasn’t Bad but wasn’t Good either. Just another so so event.


Got a bunch of trainers and a couple of outdated toons a few of which I didn’t already have for free so overall…meh. :man_shrugging:


Howdy, @DrJank!
I liked your previous recaps better, your hart does not seem to have been in this one (maybe because of your own poor rating), but you are still trying to be objective, which is appreciated.

Ommitted the following points:

  • reusing previously accumulated items (rubies, spades and emeralds you haven’t consumed before) was nice. Wouldn’t hurt if the timeline of future instances could be at least hinted at so peeps could decide to save up eventually
  • basic roadmap (3 stages of 5 energy each) dropping 1k rubies and a Brady for completion is a huge step forward versus 3 stages of 20 energy giving a cig pack and useless side items. If you din’t want to participate in the event, you would still want to cash in on the Bradys
  • ruby mine roadmap was improved/restored on Thursday - Pam’s lead skill started to work again netting 5.5k XP for each toon (and 11k if using a double - own and faction helper), allowing a massive boost for the finish of solo lvl up and for most of the faction lvl up (finally helped me to convince more than just one faction pal to set up Pam as helpers)

All in all, as this was a good spender event (I guess, haven’t spent a dime myself) and for F2P was a bonus (i.e. not taking away anything established), allowing to net some Bradys, offering to save up gems for eventual 3rd appearance of this event and giving Pam the spotlight again, I am rating this one with 9/10 myself (would have been 6-7 without Pam)

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I gave it a six, maybe I just feel better about it since I got lucky. The event gave me a 3rd and 4th Mia, 3 total Jessie’s, Wayland and Cameron Scarr. Overall meh as an event but I didn’t feel that the wheel was weighted or anything

I gave it a 5. Picked up a second 6s stevens, a 6s wayland, a 6s mia, 2 5s waylands, 2 5s mias, a 5s Jessie, and a 5* scarr. So all toons that were offered. 9 toons, some of which I already had, and all of which I will probably do nothing with. Do I count it as a win? Only because it was free to run so better than nothing.

I spent like $100 on this event, and it was pretty good imo.

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I thought it was fine. Couple free pulls a day and a chance to get the excitement of an actual toon from a pull.

Yeah it’s the age of s class, but because it was free I found that pretending it was last year made it a lot more enjoyable LOL

A reasonable (but not exactly great) amount of trainers from the wheel which many on the forum have been asking for.
A fairly cheap for Scopely standards method of obtaining 4k cards of the most recently released Sclass - the random drops meant you only had to buy the 4 keys if you reran the last map.
The best 6 stars available, most of which are still useless to the majority but could be very useful if there is a future 6star arena.
The energy cost wasn’t too bad either.
A so-so event if you didn’t spend, a reasonable event if you did. Ill be generous and say 7/10 but probably 6/10 realistically.

Aww damn I didn’t even think to try Pam. They seem to always shut it down before I get to benefit

She didn’t work the first couple of days either. Started working on Thursday…

I play all <S16 roadmap stages with Pam lead (<S12 with 6* cards I like but am aware they will never make the cut for main teams, the harder with S-class I haven’t maxed out yet), so I picked that up pretty fast.

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I got 3 wayland a first being a six star might run the other to five stars in an old school defence team.

I did not even make the ruby ​​map, hoping there is any final trilogy, but it is not that I have lost much, nothing more than my valuable time and a little world energy, one more event of the pile that will surely be forgotten.
Good morning everyone. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to unlock the Emeral Road Map either. I was working so hard to save up the Rubies. I currently have 68,000.

8 because…

Starting at “5” (neutral ground)…

  1. F2P never had a chance to run the Emerald Map - 72k rubies for the key plus 30k to complete it? The Emerald map was for SC members and P2P. -7

  2. Knowing that first but going in made running the Ruby Mine map every day a rational choice. +2

  3. Double Pam near the end! 11k XP! During Faction Level Up! +9

  4. Trainers from the Treasure Hunt wheel (and from the Mine map) were much appreciated! +2

  5. I didn’t check (since the app used up all of my coins without my permission and Scopely has refused to acknowledge it was their app’s fault), but I assume you could buy rubies somewhere in the Offers tab. +1


Oh…wait… 5 -7 = -2… +2 +9 +5 +2 +1

Well, since Scopely can’t seem to check its programming, I won’t check my math - even if you pay me to! :joy:

Ways to improve the event: offer choice boxes for S Class cards instead of outdated toons - and not like the ones that are currently available - 20 Trader cards for 1 box that isn’t even easy to get???

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Event sucked because I thought I had another day and saved all gems😔 I know my fault

You’ll be laughing hard when they do another sequel :slight_smile:

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