Event in Review: Total War

What’s your rating of the event? (higher is better)

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  • Technical: No issues I can remember. [See Parker’s post below though]
  • Communication: The event information was good, as usual
  • Tournaments: I really enjoyed the different war flavors. Some were more fun than others (I think Berserk Blitz was a favorite, and the Firey Blitz was a great equalizer), but the variation really spiced up the core feature of this game.
  • Missions: Difficulty was a bit uneven, but that’s ok. This gave some additional motivation to war.
  • Stash: This was a good way to hand out bonus rewards. If this returns for the next set of wars, I would like to see some lower-level gear (elite rare and ultra rare) included, which is relatively hard to get in the quantitites you need it.

In total, this was a fun set of wars with cool bonus incentives and practically no downsides. The massive influx of trainers from this event has, however, ruined level up tournaments; scores are off the charts now.



I think 1b had a couple tech issues. In that they were 8v8 for one of them. That was a pretty major issue for lower facs lol

Stash was good. Stash should stay


Fair point, I’ve added a reference to this to the post above. You could argue that this was a technical issue with that war, not with the event, but I included discussions of the wars so it would fit.

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I gave it a 6. Marked it down for giving us an 8v8 with mercs. Then taking the mercs away and leaving us struggling with an 8v8 war when it’s supposed to be 6v6. They could have left the mercs in, it seemed really petty.

The war seige mission was tough for lower factions and I’m almost 98% certain not every win I took part in counted. The other missions were good though and the avatar was a nice bonus.

Loved the stash, that should be a regular thing.

Enjoyed the different towers. Even the no towers, although that wasn’t a very exciting war to end the event on.

They’ve tried lots of different things with timers and towers this event so I hope they take the feedback from that into consideration for future wars.

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I liked the concept and trying different towers and timers. I’m always open to changes that might make war more fun and exciting.

Hopefully they’ve been able to gage player feedback on the different things they’ve tried and come up with a good consistent war type until they try this again.

The missions were a big plus though a lot of lower factions had trouble with the wins as a faction missions.

400k里程碑太高 300k才公平

I will miss the amazing rewards… Can’t wait to play a entire weekend to receive 600 cards again :expressionless:


I have to agree about the war siege missions. It was hard for low to mid factions to complete. To only count the ones you were in wasn’t a good idea. I was basing everything off what my war siege mission was versus other players. I thought the faction was further along until I realized it was individualized.

That one war where 1B got 8v8 with some utilizing mercs while others couldn’t was a big factor for me not giving it a higher score. Plus the compensation didn’t help the situation. Overall, I give it a 6.5.

8/10. Lost marks due to 8vs8 and 2 wars without Mercs after teasing us with their release. Mercs made all the other wars ideal for me.
The missions need to be a staple from now on. I will happily never mention the war wheel again if they are (as long as they aren’t nerfed). Sclass boxes were a nice addition.
War seige missions were too high - even for a top 20 faction in most wars. Was never getting those 10 6star trainers.

Gave it a 8, I did get chucked out half way through battles a few times, it was enjoyable, would of scored more but the wheels suck😂 ps stash was a great move

Whoooooa Nelly! … I knew it! I Freak-en Knew it! I am also certain that not every win I was a part of counted either - especially in the first bleed war. I am glad someone else feels the same way - I thought I was being paranoid.

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I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure myself to start with but then near the end I was one away from completing one of the missions, won a war, went to claim my mission and it said I still needed one. So I’m pretty confident it was happening.

So I felt that way after I had a string of wins, we seemed to be warring for ages, and not losing, when we did finally lose one I went to check my progress, and it had only credited me with 4 - I was dead certain that we had won at least 6 in that time.

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Stash was good.

New towers were interesting at times

Too many weekday wars

Battle crates are garbage and milestones were so so

War wheel is pathetic, even if you quadrupled war tokens that wheel would be hopeless

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I agree, Rome: Total War was truly awesome.

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Shogun is a classic

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